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Hello Dear Reader,

For as long as I remember I have always packed a lunch for work. Mum always packed us a lovely lunch for school and then, for when I started work at 15. When I left home I continued to pack a lunch for work and then carried on that tradition with my kids as it was just a natural thing to do. Of course there was tuckshop at school, which we had growing up and my kids had it too, but only for special occasions, mostly they preferred a packed lunch anyway.

When I get home from work of an afternoon I wash out and dry my lunch containers straight away and repack them with next days morning tea and lunch. It may not be gourmet but it is always filling and nutritious. As we always have a big bowl of fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast I rarely carry fruit to work except for the occasional mandarin, orange or banana. I am always so hungry for morning tea and will have toasted fruit and spice loaf with peanut butter, a "bliss ball"sometimes a homemade baked good and a cup of tea, lunch is a hodge podge of whatever is going, sometimes I have a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich or as I did last Thursday, the last of the creamy cinnamon rice pudding with berries.

I will take whatever is to be used up for lunch, I don't mind and that way I really have a variety of food. The only regular item I pack every day is my one piece of dark chocolate, it's my treat and so enjoy it with my amazing cup of liquorice tea. Leftover dinner from the night before is eaten by hubby or our son for lunch the next day.

Home grown bellino tomatoes, rocket and basil pesto dip, nut and seed crackers and the best cup of liquorice tea 

So, tell me, what do you pack for your lunch?

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  1. Hi Fiona, I eat leftovers for lunch at work. My husband prefers to make his own work lunch and usually takes sandwiches, slice or cake and fruit.


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