Our Garden in the month of June

Hello Dear Reader,
I took a walk around my garden on Saturday, taking heaps of photos on the way. The weather has been glorious with beautiful crisp mornings and lovely days, no wonder the tomato's are confused, they are still flowering and fruiting like there is no tomorrow.

The Pomegranate has heaps of little flowers about to bloom. This is the most flowers it has had on it. Fingers crossed for a bumper crop 

The ginger is growing beautifully. I am super excited about this bumper crop of Ginger and I have just planted out some more "eyes" from bought ginger. 

The Dill and the Vietnamese mint are also growing well in their new positions in the garden

The Panama Cherry, the Grumichama and the Lychee are all happy where they are 

The Wisteria is climbing up the "new" trellis, it seems to be doing well in this new position . I am going to try and train it into a love heart shape 

The lettuce has been terrific with plenty of leaves picked for salads 

The Pineapple plants are really staring to take off. I have 4 more Pineapple tops to plant here 

The Perennial Coriander and the Bok Choy have gone mad in the veggie pod. I have planted on some baby Perennial Coriander for some co-workers

The lime tree is getting bigger each year. Our intention was to plant the lime tree in the ground here, I just keep waiting for it to have a break from flowering and fruiting. Actually there are no flowers at the moment so maybe now is the time to get it in the ground 

These cherry tomatoes self seeded here and have gone a bit mad also 

These are the cherry pepper I bought as marked down produce and saved the seeds. Looks like a bumper crop 

The sugar snap peas are starting to form 

The Bellino Tomatoes are still flowering and are visited every day by these blue banded bees. My heart sings when I see these bees in our garden. Simple things = happiness 

Potted Parsley, Perennial Spinach, Basil, Oregano, Rocket, Sorrell and Thyme all doing well in this spot.

So, tell me, what is growing in your garden at this time of year?


  1. You have a wonderful garden!
    It is very satisfying to just pop outside to get that basil or whatever is needed from outside your kitchen window.
    I also find it makes me happy to see bees about.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. It really makes my day. I am going to do an introduction to keeping native bees soon, I just love to see the bees in my garden.
      Have a great day

  2. Here in the south of France we are just starting our growing season. We are picking courgettes and mangetout peas, onios, salads, chives, basil, parsley and coriander. We've just given the oregano and marjoram a haircut and are drying the leaves for seasoning in the winter. Tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and chillies will be along in a few weeks. Also we are picking strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb and will have apricots, redcurrants, figs and tayberries later. We also have flowers on the pomegranate trees and although we get fruit in the autumn they are always too acid (not quite enough sun I suppose).

    Your garden is amazing - I love the pineapple idea.

    1. Hi Syrasuzie,
      What you are growing all sounds amazing! And to me, it sounds all the more beautiful, because you are living in the south of France!! How wonderful! Have a great day


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