Rainy Day = get stuff done

Hello Dear Reader,

As yesterday was raining most of the day I decided to stay indoors and have clear out of the fridge and freezer. In the freezer there were these items to be used up-

Whey from making ricotta

Juice of 22 limes

2 smallish bags of cooked Basmati rice

1/2 a bag of blueberries


So, some of the whey became my lightest fluffiest pancakes to have for breakfast today. The rest went as soil conditioner around some plants

Light and fluffy pancake batter 

The Lime juice will became lime butter, later today

The Basmati rice became stove top rice pudding

Ingredients for stove top rice pudding
In goes the cinnamon and raw sugar
Add the milk and stir, lazily, ever so often until thick and creamy
And the Blueberries became Honey and Blueberry jam

Honey and Blueberry Jam
Thick and creamy Greek Yoghurt

I use a new chuck cloth to strain the yoghurt of the whey. It's not as pretty as cheesecloth but it was in the house already and does the job beautifully
From the fridge, I put some marked down, natural yoghurt to strain in a chux lined sieve over a bowl (the whey went towards making the above pancakes) to make thick and gorgeous greek yoghurt

I was called away, yesterday afternoon, to my sisters, to help out with an animal emergency so the lime butter didn't get made, I might try and get it made later this morning.

So. tell me, is everyone okay after the "weather event" yesterday and who else used the rainy day to get some jobs done around the home?


  1. Hi Fiona, I pottered around yesterday and tidied drawers, clean my study, cleaned windows and de-cluttered some areas around the home. My husband cleaned out the fridge. We also took advantage of the weather by doing a fair bit of relaxing.

  2. The rain was so lovely after such a dry lead up. Here in Hervey Bay we missed the nasty bits of the weather event. I worked on a crochet baby blanket for a young friends upcoming arrival. It was lovely to sit and crochet and not feel guilty about doing very little. Our daughter is moving back in with us so I took the opportunity to re arrange some furniture around the house. I have to empty out the guestroom so she can move in in two weeks time. I'm also rehousing all the contents of this rooms cupboards. Some of this was done yesterday. It really was nice to have a cool, wet day to sit back. look around and do some inside jobs and not much at all.

  3. No damage here Fiona as we only had 40C up on the Range. I just had a look at your lime butter link as I had never heard of it. Hmm, I would have to replace the sugar with Dextrose. I wonder how that would go? Good luck with your jaboticaba. I just replied to your query on my blog. It is a fascinating tree.


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