The best of Norfolk Island

Hello Dear Reader,
I promise this is the last post about Norfolk Island, I thought I would put up some lovely photos both of the Island itself and of our fun times Ballroom dancing. I hope I am not boring you!

My sister and I, the backdrop is the historic village of Kingston

My sister an I at a Devonshire tea, which is part of the half day tour 

This was to be the only sunny day, we had wet windy weather for the rest of the week! 

Beautiful fresh scones with jam and cream

St Barnabas Chapel, it has a fascinating history and is in the top 10 chapels in Australia 

Emily Bay is a lovely place for a swim in summer, it is protected by a reef, so no sharks or other things that bite, can get into the bay 

Norfolk Pine Trees 

Beautiful happy cows, they live an idealic life, no stress here. They have right of way on the roads 

We walked the length of Emily Bay most days to soak our sore feet 

The ruins of a lime kiln

More Norfolk Pine trees


Each year they have a fancy dress night and this years theme was Nautical. Anything above or below the sea

My sister and I kept it simple with an "instant sailor kit" just a collar and a hat. However a lot of people went to amazing lengths, there were lots of pirates and wenches. 

The Ballroom Dancing week, Committee. They do an amazing job! 

Rawsons Hall all decked out. The committee always do a fantastic job at decorating the hall 

Our teachers. Tanya and Jan dressed up as seals the fancy dress night 

After the costumes had been taken off, just way too hot to dance in

Monique and I dressed up for the formal night. The dress I am wearing was given to me from my daughter when she moved up to Cairns. It fits like a glove. 

All dancers receive a certificate for surviving the Ballroom Dancing Week 
Now for the food

Along with other groceries we bought with us, we bought 6 cans of these. They are fantastic on their own or made into an omelette. The parsley was growing in the garden, where we stayed, just outside our door 

The cake, celebrating 20 years of the Ballroom Dancing Week on Norfolk Island 

The Chicken Roast dinner was cooked by the local Lions Association 

Dessert was Apple Strudel with peaches, ice cream and raspberry coulis 

A magnificent meal from the Jolly Roger Bar and Restaurant
Yellow tail Tuna with steamed broccoli, onion jam and herbed rice. The fish was so fresh and cooked to perfection. We had an absolute ball at this restaurant and highly recommend it! 
And finally, this sums the whole week up! There is a great embroidery shop in town and this was worn by a lovely gentleman. What a hoot!

So, tell me, what is a lasting memory, of a holiday you have had?


  1. Loved your pictures. This is really a beautiful island. We raise cows in GA, USA, so I especially loved the peaceful cows! You & your sister look like twins - beautiful ladies! Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann

  2. Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos, Norfolk is quite beautiful. Glad you and your sister had a great time. Guida


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