This weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I have been busier than usual this week with trying to pack for Norfolk Island, cooking extra meals and freezing them while I am away in Norfolk Island and celebrating my Mother in Laws Birthday as well as everything else I do, but my frugal ways haven't gone out the window and have continued my normal frugal life despite being time poor.

1. We celebrated my Mother in laws Birthday at home, we did offer to take her out, but, as she is unwell she chose to stay at home instead. I made a lovely meal and a tray of chocolate brownies as her birthday cake. Dinner was a hit and she loved it.

My Mother in law, Hubby and I 

My Mother in law, Hubby and our son 

Drunken Chicken 

A tray of Brownies as the Birthday cake 

The Birthday girl

2. Bought a top from the Op shop for our Fancy Dress Night while on Norfolk Island, for the Ballroom Dancing Week. It is a nautical theme and we purchased an "instant sailor: outfit, online, its just a sailor collar and hat and needed a striped top to go with it. It was a bit big so I took it in and now it fits like a glove. Sweet!

3. Dried all the washing outside on the line

4. Re organised my saved seeds into a beautiful little wooden box that I found at an Op shop. So tidy and organised, I just love it!

5. I have put together some essentials to take with me to Norfolk Island to save money while there. The cost of living is so expensive and there is only one supermarket and the prices are eye watering. So I have packed, my favourite tea bags, our good Himalayan Salt, my coco quench coconut milk and my homemade muesli for breakfast, my favourite dark chocolate, good strong bandaids for sore feet from dancing, tissues and headache tablets

So, tell me, what frugal antics have you been up to?


  1. Have a wonderful time away, your family are all lovely and a big happy birthday to your Mother in law. I have started using the items in our freezer & pantry and will only be buying fruit or veg as required. Guida

    1. Hi Guida,
      Thanks for the well wishes, I am really looking forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend.


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