This weeks 5 Frugal this on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Well, it's the end of another week and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, didn't that go by quick?

I think I am wishing the time away, as my sister and I are going on a little holiday to Norfolk Island on the 19th of June. It really is the most beautiful place, we go there for the Ballroom Dancing Week and have an absolute hoot.

We learn new dances every day and have a social dance at night. There is a welcome dinner, a formal night and a fancy dress night, This years theme for the fancy dress night is "Nautical".We don't go to to much fuss, but a lot of other dancers do, which is so much fun to see. I promise to post photos of this lovely little holiday.

Now back to those frugal things.

1. Over the rainy weekend I cleaned out the fridge and freezer of bits and bobs and made-8 jars of lime butter, stove top creamy cinnamon rice pudding, light and fluffy pancakes using whey from when I made ricotta, blueberry and honey jam and strained some marked down, natural yoghurt, to make greek yoghurt

Blueberry and Honey Jam, using up half a packet of frozen blueberries 

Thick and creamy greek yoghurt, made by draining natural yoghurt, in a chux lined sieve 

8 Jars of Lime Butter made from the juice of 22 Limes. I had already juiced the limes and popped the juice into clip lock bags to freeze flat in the freezer 

Stove top, creamy cinnamon rice pudding 

2. Rode my bike to work every day, all rugged up against the cold

3. Saved the warm up shower water for the figs out front

4. Used vouchers for our Pizza night and paid only $14.90 for 2 pizzas. Actually we ended up with 3 pizzas and a garlic bread, as they had new trainees making the pizzas and they forgot to put cheese on one of the pizzas so they quickly made us another one for free and gave us a garlic bread for free as well. Sweet!

Chicken and veg Pizza 

5. Cleaned and de-labeled another glass jar to add to my collection

So, tell me, what were your frugal or free achievements this week?

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