Today, we are looking for Unicorns! Sorry, thats wrong, today we are cleaning the toilets

Hello Dear Reader,

You probably would much rather look for Unicorns than talk about cleaning the toilets, but here goes. When cleaning around my home, I try to use earth friendly products that are also efficient cleaners. For quite a while now I have been using two products to clean the toilets successfully. Those two products are Eucalyptus Oil and Plain White Vinegar. Both cheap as chips.

ALDI Eucalyptus Oil=$6.99 for 200 mls, 2 litres of Plain White, own brand vinegar=$1.19-same price at ALDI, Woolworths and Coles

1 cup of own brand white vinegar in the bowl of the toilet.
1 tablespoon of ALDI eucalyptus oil, plus a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid, in a small spray bottle and then top up with water, this spray is used to clean the outside of the toilet 

The White Vinegar is used in the toilet bowl (about a cup) I then leave it a few minutes to do its job. Then, with the Eucalyptus Oil, I pop about a tablespoon into a smallish spray bottle along with 2 drops of dishwashing liquid and top this up with water, this is sprayed all over the outside of the toilet lid (front and back) the toilet seat (front and back) all over the top of the tank and over the edges of the toilet and into the bowl. I then swish and scrub around the bowl and under the edges with a good toilet brush. Then using toilet paper, I wipe over all of the sprayed areas. The toilet paper is then flushed away.

Nobody likes cleaning the toilet, but it's a job that has to be done and done well. Those two simple household products keep the toilet hygienic, without chemicals. I really dislike those toilet disinfectants/cleaners that have a high perfume or colour and have never used them.

After I have finished cleaning the toilets, I rinse the toilet brush with very hot water and air it in the sun to really dry it well. Germs love a moist environment so keeping the brush dry breaks the germy cycle.

Well, not a nice subject and probably pretty boring, but we all have to do it, not the highlight of my day, certainly, but I find using these two products keep the toilets in a good clean state with minimal fuss. Now, where is that Unicorn?

So, tell me, what products do you use for cleaning the toilet?


  1. Thanks heaps for this recipe, I will finish using up the stuff I have and then will purchase your recommendation to try it. I agree not a nice job, but someone has to do it. Thanks again. Guida

  2. It's wonderful! Articles, Amazing!
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