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Hello Dear Reader,

This weeks "What we ate ect,ect" is a bit different as I have been away (at Norfolk Island) My sister and I are both frugal eaters and even with very expensive groceries on Norfolk, we ate some wonderful meals. I have also included photos of a couple of lunches, because we were really active we were looking for a substantial meal at lunch time too.

Saturday Lunch - My sister made 2 beautiful salads to take with us to the airport to eat for lunch before boarding. She makes amazing salads!

Amazing salad made by my sister

Saturday Dinner - Pan fried Lamb with Quinoa and Silverbeet

Sunday Lunch - we were able to buy half an egg and bacon pie and we had half of it for lunch with fresh rocket leaves and parsley, dressed with lemon juice

Sunday night - was the welcome Fish Fry Dinner for the beginning of the Ballroom Dancing Week

Monday Lunch - was a re-run of yesterday, we had the other half of the egg and bacon pie with more rocket leaves and parsley, dressed with lemon juice

Monday Dinner -  We each had one of the tins of Wild Pink Salmon with Vegetables by St Dalfour. These tins cost $3.69 each at Coles, and I think represent excellent value for money and are a premium product.

Tuesday Lunch - We had a lunch out at Bailey's Restaurant, at "Govs" they have a daily lunch special, only $10. I had the Chicken and Pesto Tagliatelle. Delish!

Tuesday Dinner - was a re-run of Sunday, this time with added caramelised onion

Wednesday Lunch - An omelette with 1/2 a St Dalfour can in each one with avocado and parsley

Wednesday Dinner - The Lions Organisation prepared this lovely Roast Chicken Dinner, it was included in our "Nautical Themed" dinner dance. Totally delicious. I enjoy any meal I don't have to cook myself

And the dessert was equally delicious 

Thursday Lunch - Another lovely Omelette 

Thursday Dinner - We forgot to take a photo, sorry. We had steamed Broccoli, sautéed silverbeet and Mashed, buttered Sweet Potato with 1/2 a can each of St Dalfour. We also had this as a lunch at the airport, coming home on Saturday

Friday Lunch - Can't for the life of me remember what we had!

Friday Dinner - We had a beautiful dinner and a hoot to boot at this new restaurant called "The Jolly Roger" I had the Yellow Tail Tuna with a black pepper and sesame seed crust, onion jam, steamed broccoli and herbed rice. It was so delicious! The owners of this restaurant are new to the island and the locals have welcomed them with open arms. The place was absolutely full with everyone having a ball, there was even a marriage proposal at the table next to us, they were also there for the Ballroom Dancing Week

We arrived home on Saturday afternoon, late and were greeted by lovely Hubby. He had made Chinese Roast Pork and Chinese BBQ Pork. What a delight to come home to!

And there was enough for dinner on Sunday night. Sweet!

Monday - we had beautiful Tempura Fish with Steamed Basmati Rice and  home grown Bok Choy

Tuesday - Curried Pumpkin Soup with toasted Rye Bread and lashings of butter
The weather has turned super cold, so this curried pumpkin soup warmed our toes
So, tell me, what was on your menu this week? Did you go out for a "Lunch Special" or special occasion? 

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  1. We've started getting courgettes from the garden so I made a courgette slice for lunches and a courgette & brie tart and tonight I'm making stuffed courgettes! I also tried a brazilian recipe for Prawn Moqueca which went down very well with the family.

    I agree with you - food always tastes good when someone else has cooked it!


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