What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

As you can see by the photo below, hubby must have been hungry when he was shopping, hence the chips and sesame snaps, well at least the chips were on special for $2.50 a large packet! The muesli bars where also on special for $2.00 a box and are good for when hubby goes fishing. Also the meat (1/2 kg mince and 1 kg chicken thigh fillets) was in the fridge at the time of the photo, but we all know what they look like.

What we bought

Shopping from ALDI and Woolworths

A few items from a, new to me, Indian shop at Morayfield 

Marked down fresh produce from Coles on Tuesday arvo 

What we spent
Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$17.25
Coles on Monday-(not pictured) some random items that I needed=1 carrot, 1 green apple,1 red apple (I used these to make a salad with 1 lonely beetroot that has been languishing in the bottom of the crisper draw) some body moisturiser and hubby bought himself some garlic mussels (must remind him not to go shopping when he is hungry)-$14.50
Coles marked down produce on Tuesday arvo-$6.08
Indian Shop on Saturday at Morayfield-$45.42 

What we ate

Wednesday-Freshly caught Pearl Perch with a big tossed salad 

Thursday-Easy Beef Mince Ragu with Oven Baked Polenta 

Friday-Chickpea and Zucchini fritters with a big tossed salad

Saturday and Sunday-I always make a chicken and ginger Congee when my Mother in law comes home from hospital. She hardly eats anything at all, but especially so in hospital, at least she has a bowl of this, easy to eat, nutritious meal

Monday-Tempura Honey Prawns with Steamed Basmati Rice and English Spinach with Oyster Sauce 

Tuesday-Red Emperor with My Thai Sauce, Steamed Basmati Rice and Snow Peas

So, tell me, what have you and your family been having for dinner?

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