What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

This past week has, unfortunately, seen multiple trips to the supermarkets. I really try to make a complete and thorough list, to make it though the entire week, without going back to the supermarkets again, but this week as has been abysmal. There were lots of forgotten items and I had to take back the gluten free pasta that hubby had accidentally picked up and exchange it for normal pasta.

And while I was at Coles on Thursday picking up the forgotten bread flour I found some outstanding marked down fresh produce - 1 kg of Royal Blue baby Potatoes for $1.75, 5 x packets of cherry peppers and 1 packet of Jalapeño chillies for a total of $3.75 (they have been pickled in mums pickling vinegar), a bunch of Beetroot for $2.50 and a bunch of English Spinach for $1.00. Some sterling markdowns that have gone into or will be going towards more meals.

What we bought

Groceries from ALDI and Woolworths
    What we spent

ALDI-$58.35 + $6.99 for Eucalyptus oil (not pictured) + $4.25 for tissues, can of tomatoes and 500 grams Penne pasta(also not pictured) Total- $69.59


Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$28.83

Coles-$9.00 for 3 litres Rice bran oil (not pictured) + $36.93 for 10 kg of bread flour, large silicon paper and some marked down produce on Thursday arvo (not pictured)

Coles marked down produce on Tuesday arvo-(no photo, sorry, I picked up alfalfa sprouts for $1.00, a turkish ride for $2.25 and a tray of chicken wings for $3.03)-$6.28

Total-$238.88 - wow, I feel, thats too much

What we ate

I have been rather slack in the dinner photo taking department this week, and have cursed myself more often than usual for not taking a photo as I sit down to eat. I will try to redeem myself next week.

Wednesday-Curried mince with steamed basmati rice and garlic naan bread, greek yoghurt and chutney

Thursday-was Pizza night, we got 2 pizzas from Dominos using 2 vouchers, total $18.85, and I forgot to take a photo

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Friday-Tempura Snapper with steamed basmati rice and English Spinach
Saturday night Hubby and my Mother in law had Sausage Pasta with steamed baby peas. There is no photo as I was at my sisters helping with a pet emergency. My sister and I had slow cooked lamb shanks with steamed sprouted brown rice and english spinach-so delicious. Sorry, no photo

Sunday and Monday we had this beaut Beef and Prune Tagine, another magical slow cooker recipe. I promise to post the recipe soon
Last night (Tuesday) was a Thai Green Vegetable Curry, with steamed Basmati rice, papadums and chutney. The coconut milk split, I think, because of the kaffir lime leaves. It was still super delicious though.

So, tell me, what were the meals at your place, does a different season effect what you cook?


  1. Looks like you had a very curry inspired menu this week. I have been cooking a lot of chicken lately. Firstly because it is cheap and secondly my daughter doesn't eat red meat. I do get tired of it so have been trying to have a soup one evening and a non meat dish. This week I made Loraine and spinach and feta quiche. Favourite soups are pumpkin and leek and potato. however this weekend my daughter is away so we'll have ham and pea soup made in the slow cooker. I do plan on using the slow cooker more often over the winter season and getting more hearty stew type meals.

    1. I love pea and ham soup, it's the champion of winter warming soups. We are well equipped for winter with our slow cookers, it's the most used appliance in the house, I think.

  2. I made a tagine this week too - it was with neck of lamb and aubergines and peppers - and I served it with couscous. We also had Prawn & asparagus risotto, Oven baked aubergines with tomatoes, mozzarella & pesto, Pan-fried chicken with mozzarella & pesto & green beans and tonight is stuffed courgettes.

    It is early summer here so the veg reflect that. I still do tagines in the winter but use root veg, the risotto I use frozen peas but the stuffed courgettes and oven-baked aubergines I only make when they are in season.

    I love all your fish dishes.

    1. Syrahsuzie, your meals sound amazing! Really and truly yummy. I are really lucky to have 2 mad keen fishermen in my hubby and son. We do eat lovely fresh fish and tend not to mess with it too much unless it needs a helping hand, flavour wise.

  3. Hi Fiona, found you through link at Rhonda's DTE blog a while ago. Have really been enjoying catching up on past posts. Planning on trying the curried mince recipe. Love all the slow cooker recipes as I want to try and use mine more often. I also really enjoy reading how you spend your days. Since starting reading yours and other blogs I don't feel like the odd one out being a homebody. Cheers fron Liz K.

    1. Hi Liz, funny but I just made curried mince again this past week. This time I used a beautiful curry powder by "Gourmet Afrika" (not a typo) it's called "special Malay curry mix" and is simply the most amazing curry powder I have ever come across. This is the third jar of I have bought over the years and first discovered it at the Ginger factory in Yandina, QLD. I think you can order it online and I will be doing just that when I run out of this jar. Thanks for reading, fellow homebody.

  4. Hi Fiona, you seem to use chutney a lot - do you have a recipe or do you just buy one?

    1. Hi Helen, no, I haven't attempted chutney as yet, the brand we buy is Palms and is as old as Adam. Another lovely reader did send me a beaut recipe for a date and apple chutney which I can send you if you like. Have a great day.

  5. I'll have to keep an eye out for that brand, but yes please I'd love the recipe. Thanks

  6. Hi Helen, recipe as promised
    This is from Sandra in NSW
    Tomato and Date Chutney
    4 onions, chopped
    2 large cooking apples, peeled, cored and chopped
    Finger of ginger, grated
    1 tsp of cinnamon
    500 grams brown sugar
    175 ml malt vinegar
    200 grams dates, chopped up a bit
    600 grams tomatoes

    Put everything except dates in a saucepan, halfway to 2/3 through cooking, add dates

    Doesn't it sound yummy!
    A huge Thankyou to Sandra from NSW for sending me this recipe.

  7. Thanks so much for this Fiona. You haven't mentioned a cooking time - do you think it would be just till everything is all mushy!!

    1. Hi Helen, yes I would cook it until it is "mushy" and chutney like. Have a great day


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