What we bought, spent and ate

Hello Dear Reader,

I think I did slightly better than last week, photo wise. although I am really going to have try and take better photos, they certainly wouldn't win any awards. I find that by the time I go to eat, I am so tired and just take the photo without making it pretty

What we bought
Shopping from Woolworths, Aldi and Nothing Brothers Prime Meats 

What we spent
Woolworths-$54.15 + Lavender Oil $8.29
Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$39.62
Discount Shop-$2.50 - body exfoliator
Coles-$23.08 (Extra trip, no photo-licorice tea, sour light cream, small plastic containers, pumpkin, chicken thigh fillets)


What we ate

Wednesday-Chicken and veg Pizza
Chicken and Bacon Pizza, we actually ended up with 3 pizzas and a garlic bread as a trainee forgot to put cheese on one pizza, so they quickly made us another one, didn't charge us for it and gave us a garlic bread as well. Sweet! We had vouchers to use for the Pizzas 

Thursday-Slow Cooked Red Bean Curd Pork with steamed Basmati rice and silverbeet with oyster sauce 

Friday-Pan Fried Pearl Perch with Rocket and Basil Pesto Mashed Potato and Broccolini 

Saturday and Sunday-Borsch with sour cream and I made a beautiful loaf of white bread to go with it. Sometimes only white bread will do! 

Monday-Drunken Chicken with steamed Basmati rice, Snow Peas and English Spinach. I made this for my Mother in Laws Birthday

I also made a tray of Chocolate Brownies to have as her Birthday Cake

My Mother in Law, blowing out her birthday candle 

Soft and gooey Chocolate Brownie Birthday Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Tuesday-Drunken Chicken, again. There was a good pot full of the amazing broth leftover, so I bought some chicken thigh fillets and gently poached them in the broth for a re-run on Tuesday night

So, tell me, what were the eats at your place, this week? And, what was the "best Buy" you found this week?


  1. I think your food photos are excellent and I'm pinching the brownie cake idea!

    1. Thankyou Veronica, I do see on a lot of blogs amazing photos of food, they must spend a lot of time creating the perfect photo, where as I am just so exhausted by the time dinner is ready I just aim and shoot and then eat.

  2. Hi Fiona, your birthday brownies look delicious! What a great idea. I made your favourite pasta bake again last night, it has become a favourite here too! I double the batch and make it with 1kg mince so that it stretches for 2 hearty family meals, or enough if we have guests over too. Last week, I made some minestrone soup to use up some veges and pantry staples like tin tomatoes and four bean mix. The kids loved it. Another recipe I tried recently that my husband and I really enjoyed was the Red Beef & Pumpkin Stirfry from the 'Thrifty Kitchen' book (which I think you may also have?). Pumpkin has been quite cheap lately, so it was a lovely recipe for us to use up some pumpkin in a different way to normal while its a bargain. Have a great day, Kelly

    1. Hi KR, my "kids" still love "Macaroni Bake" after all these years. It must have been originally made with macaroni! Any pasta does the job though. I do have that book, I will have to get it out and have a flip through it again, it's been a while. And yes pumpkin has been cheap, I picked up some yesterday at Coles for $1.00 a kg, and made a Thai flavoured pumpkin soup with it for dinner tonight , it was delish. Fi

  3. Some old favorites this week - home-made burgers and chips, aubergine & green bean curry, oven-roasted salmon & potatoes. Like the sound of "drunken chicken"!

    1. Hi Syrasuzie,
      The drunken chicken is delish and so easy. I will post the recipe soon.

  4. Just found you this week and I love this post. I tend to stock pile and make from my home grocery store from my basement. Seeing all your meals is delightful. Thanks for sharing.


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