Cacao and Honey Chia Pudding

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I think I am a little late to the Chia Pudding party, but, I have, now well and truly arrived. I have this pudding most days for my morning tea, it tastes like a naughty treat but has so much goodness in it, it keeps me going until lunch. The "recipe" below is a serving for one but you can easily multiply the recipe as needed.

I find Chia seeds just amazing. Morag, from Our Permaculture Life did a blog post about this unique food plant a little while ago. You can read the post here. Prepare to be amazed!

Ingredients for Cacao and Honey Chia Pudding 

In a bowl measure out 15 grams of Chia seeds 

Then 5 grams of Raw Cacao 

And 15 grams of honey 

Lastly add 120 grams of your choice of milk or milk alternative, then just give it a really good mix. Both the Raw Cacao and the Chia seeds seem to be a bit "waterproof" and it can be a bit hard to incorporate

I usually just weigh all the ingredients into a little container with a snug fitting lid and just give it a good shake, to incorporate all the ingredients.

Raw Cacao and Honey Chia Pudding. 

Incredibly easy to make and a joy to eat

So, tell me, what "super food" have you incorporated into your daily life?

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