Cleaning the showers. Take 2

Hello Dear Reader,

I have stumbled upon another shower cleaner that I think is just fantastic. I have blogged about cleaning the shower once before, using a "scrubby" dishwashing liquid and vinegar. A few people were concerned about the "scrubby" scratching the glass, now, I have had no problem with it, but for the people that would like to avoid using the "scrubby" thing-y, here is the answer.

Epsom Salts and Bicarb Soda!

Ingredients for Shower Cleaner - Epsom salts, Dishwashing liquid and Bicarb soda 

I love this "recipe" as it really works, uses everyday household ingredients and doesn't contain nasty smelling chemicals. The Bicarb acts as a gentle abrasive and the Epsom salts dissolve the lime scale and soap scum on the glass. You are left with shiny tiles and glass. 


1 cup Epsom salts
1/2 cup Bicarb soda
1/4 cup dishwashing liquid

You will also need a small ceramic or glass mixing bowl and a soft cloth for buffing the glass and tiles


1. Mix together the Epsom salts, bicarb soda and dishwashing liquid in a ceramic mixing bowl

Epsom salts, Bicarb soda and dishwashing liquid 

Mix well 

2. Wet shower cubicle including glass 

3. Apply a small amount to a damp soft cloth, apply to wet glass and tiles using small circular movements. Once you have finished cleaning the entire shower recess, rinse off.

4. Store left over cleaner in a glass jar until needed again

Use about the size of a 20c coin of shower cleaner, working in a small area, at a time. 

Using a small amount at a time, in a small area works better than trying to do a larger area



So, tell me, what "miracle cleaner" have you used that doesn't contain chemicals?


  1. thank you I was looking for an alternative, as my glass doors are impossible to clean. I will try this out and let you know.

    Gill in Canada

  2. This cleaner sounds and looks like something I should try. Thank you for sharing Fiona:)

    I use a mix of vinegar and dish detergent and that works well too (1 cup vinegar, 1-2tblpns of detergent).


  3. I liked your "scrubby " idea but couldn't find one in France. My daughter found one in the UK when she was back visiting the grandparents - it's working great!

    1. Fantastic! I live a simple idea that works.

    2. That should say "I love" a simple idea that works

  4. Hi Fiona, my go to cleaner, particularly for removing hard water marks, is a very simple one from One Good Thing by Jillee. Its half and half dishwashing detergent(I use the cheapest I can find) and hot vinegar. I simply heat the vinegar up in a pyrex jug in the microwave, and pour into a spray bottle. I take note of how much vinegar is in the bottle and pour in a equal amount of detergent. Give a gentle shake to mix. It is a powerful smell but it dissipates once rinsed. I spray it all over the bathroom, I use a soft household broom to brush the cleaner into the glass, tiles and bath. Follow this with a good rinse. Cleans beautifully. An added bonus is the heating of the vinegar in the microwave gives you a good opportunity to wipe over the microwave using the vinegar steam. Two jobs done easily.

    1. What a great idea, the heat of the vinegar must make it more efficient. Thanks for the "hot" tip!

  5. Hi Fiona I made up the mixture which worked well but found balance had turned rockhard in jar when I went to use it again,,Darlene


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