Hanging the Washing

Hello Dear Reader,

I think we are all creatures of habit and I try develop good habits that save me time. When hanging the washing, all "good" clothes including work uniforms are par dried for 5 to 10 minutes in the drier then I hang them on suitable hangers (no pointy shoulders, thank you) and finish drying them in the sun. All wrinkles just fall out of the clothes so they don't need ironing.

Par dried "good" clothes finish drying on hangers in the sun 

These are some of the clothes I wore when I went to Norfolk Island. Even the good dresses are washed in the washing machine, I just pop them into mesh wash bags and they get a good wash while being protected 

All other clothes are given a good shake out and hung so they dry with minimal wrinkles. 
And yes, I do like to have matching pegs when hanging clothes! I am weird that way

I know this habit is common place (maybe not the matching pegs) and love that it saves me time by not having to iron. My darling Mum was an amazing ironer, even though she was chronically unwell and even in the height of Summer, she would stand there, at the ironing board and iron everything, including tea towels and sheets! Thankfully, I didn't inherit the ironing gene.

So, tell me, how do you dry your washing? any tricks that saves you time and energy?


  1. Dear Fiona,

    I use a twin tub to wash and don't spin the clothes out too much otherwise they get wrinkled. This way the wind, if there is any, will blow the clothes out nicely.

    I hang clothes over the line and peg under the armpits so the peg marks don't show, a tip from my mum. I also put delicate clothing on coat hangers to dry.

    The only clothes I iron are mostly my hubby's work shirts as they are made from material that creases easily (they don't think of us wives who have to wash and iron them lol).

    I hang washing to dry outside and finish off in front of the fire in winter, no clothes dryer. I have no trouble getting things dry in summer :)

    I use pegs of many colours and in any order. Your OCD is showing lol!

    Great post, I like reading all things about homemaking :)

    Have a lovely week!


    1. Sounds like a great system Tania. Our mums had some great ideas, didn't they?
      This matching peg thing started years ago and I can't seem to let it go! I'm just weird that way! I have to admit I have been know to re peg if lovely hubby has hung the washing out. Have a superb Sunday

  2. I wash my linen shirts in mesh wash bags and everything goes on the rotary clothes line. When there was 5 of us the only thing ocd I did was the socks all got hung on the same side. Helped pairing them up as I got them off the line. Now there is just 2 of us I have started doing a his side and a hers side. I fold as I get things off the clothes line. His idea of hanging out the washing is to just get it out, but I like to hang things so they don't need ironing and keep their shape. We wear a lot of blue and always hung shirts inside out to help with fading and peg marks. I have only gained a verandah to hang things on in the last 6 months, which will help in the summer for clothes more likely to fade.

    My sister in law and hubby have lived on Norfolk Is. for 20 years or so. Nice place to visit for a short time. Where we live in NSW is 60 ks away from big shops, we have an IGA and a few basic shops in town, I'm not sure I could live with the challenges they have over there. I know they stock up when they come over and get things by mail. It is nice to be able to get in the car and drive to wherever we want to without catching a plane first.

    Funny how domestic stuff and the way we do it is so important to an efficient life. I saved 3 jars this week but used 8 to make cumquat and orange jam. Sandra from NSW.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I think we all try to do things that save us time in the long run, especially the ironing! My sister is a great believer in hanging most coloured items inside out, I must start that especially with my work tops, they are quite faded.
      Does your sister in law and hubby have a business on Norfolk, it they do, chances are we have met them over the years! Yes I agree its a nice place to visit but I don't think I could live there, full time. However my sister is going to give it a go. At the end of the year she is going over for about a month to test the waters.
      Have a superb Sunday

    2. Well they started out running a pizza business when they first moved over there. I think you can only go if you can bring a business or income to the island. She is a nurse and now works full time at the hospital. After they sold the pizza business he used to work at the hardware, but is now running his own business bringing in stock feed and such. Not sure how it's all panning out with all the political upheaval that's been going on. I think their health service used to be self funded. I will register my email address here, I guess you have access to that. I will try and do some research with my SIL. It's all changed now they aren't self governing. Sandra.

  3. I dry all our clothes out on the washing line or on radiator racks in the Winter and make sure everything is hanging crease free so I don't have to iron much. In fact the only things I iron are shirts, everything else really looks fine not ironed. It's saved me many frustrating hours .... I hate ironing!!

    I am the complete opposite to you in that I purposefully select non-matching pegs ... but socks MUST be hung in their matching pairs :-)

  4. Hi Fiona, where did you get that spiffy hanger from?

  5. The clothes hanger is from ALDI, they have them once a year, I bought my sister one in May this year, but mine is about 4 years old. They are fantastic, I love it. Have a splendid Sunday.


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