This weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

As you know, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the 20th Anniversary of the Ballroom Dancing Week in Norfolk Island. The holiday was saved and paid for well in advance and we took some groceries and essentials to lessen the amount of money we would have to spend on the island.

Some essential bought from home - ALDI dark organic chocolate, Coco quench coconut milk, Licorice tea, Madura Green tea with PawPaw leaf, Bandaids and Headache tablets 

I bought my home made Muesli with me for breakfasts. Lovely Hubby vacuum sealed it for me in a bag

We bought 6 of these "meals in a can"with us to Norfolk Island. They are good value for money, are easy to carry, nutritious and very tasty. They cost $3.79, each, at Coles

We still supported the locals by buying what we couldn't bring in and going out for a lunch and a dinner. When on holidays it would be easy to say "Oh blow it! I am on holidays and I deserve it!" but my frugal ways go bone deep and I save money when and where ever I can. My sister is similarly frugal so it is easy to holiday with someone on the same wave length.

We stayed at the Aloha Villas, which was a stones throw away from the hall where we danced every day and night and had it not been raining we would have walked there and back every day. The apartment was clean and tidy with a well appointed kitchen which helped a great deal as we self catered most of the time. A fairly new car was supplied with the apartment, so it was very economical to fuel up at the end of the week, only $20.70, even with fuel costing $2.09 a litre!

So I will start this weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday with-

1. Holiday to Norfolk Island
Local Norfolk Island produce (except the lamb, onions and butter, which is imported from NZ)

2. Line dried all the washing, if I take it in by 4ish, the moisture doesn't get to it
I love the smell of washing off the line

3. Blitzed the fruit and veggie scraps to feed my worm farm, nothing new, just something I do all the time to make sure nothing goes to waste
Blitzed fruit and veggie scraps become a feast for my worms, once blitzed I put them into little newspaper parcels and pop them into the worm farm or worm tower 

4. Ate home made meals every night, again, nothing new, but this is a great place to start when you want to rein in your spendings
Curried Pumpkin Soup with home made rye bread, toasted with lashing of butter 

5. I was frugal with my time and went and voted after work during the week to free up my valuable time on the weekend. I am not a political person at all and will not waste one more minute than I have to, when voting. ( Please don't misunderstand, I understand fully, why voting is important )

Frugality also means making the most of your time. Time is a terrible thing to waste.
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So, tell me, what were your frugal or free achievements this week? And what is your best time saving idea?


  1. I stayed at home for the better part of the week. I went into the Shopping Centre once to purchase an 18th Birthday present for my nephew. I purchased a necklace for him and also picked up three other pieces of jewellery, at bargain basement prices, to go in the gift cupboard. This was my only spendings, beyond topping up the baking cupboard, this week.
    As I am semi retired, time is no longer a nasty four letter word for me. Having said this I still like to be productive each day. To make sure I hit some goals, I sit down each morning with my cup of tea and think about what needs to be done today. I have fallen into a rhythm of what days I do washing and what days I clean the various rooms in the house. My morning thoughts are given to the extras that come up. Today I plan to dig over a garden bed that the last of the produce came out of yesterday. I will make sure I put in some compost and some blood an bone and then I will mulch it. By taking into account all that comes along each day is busy and productive.

  2. Hi Fiona, I went to Norfolk Island a long time ago in 1980 when I was 20. I stayed at the Aloha Villas too. A beautiful place. Would like to return one day. I need to go vote today then I'm off to a high tea a friend is hosting. Still not 100% sure who I will vote for as not happy with either major party. No-one seems to be addressing debt. Maybe I will be divinely inspired when I step into the polling booth!! Have a great weekend. Cheers from Liz K.


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