This weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It's the end of the week, again! This week was the final State of Origin and, to me, that signals that we are about half way through winter! YEH!! It has turned very cold this week with a cold front moving across the country. I still have been riding to work, rugged up against the cold with 3 layers of tops, long pants, a big scarf and gloves. I warm up by the time I get to work, its just my ears that get so cold and take forever to defrost. The afternoons have been equally cold and bleak and I warm up when I get home with a lovely cup of liquorice tea. That keeps me going until dinner.

These last three weeks have seen me back in the groove of baking some lovely sourdough bread and I have tried a new recipe using toasted oats and honey, it is quite delicious, I will post an update of sourdough making and baking over the weekend as well as a wonderful recipe for sourdough crumpets. I totally love this little recipe as it means that you get to use up excess sourdough starter, and that means no waste-win,win!

So, this week 5 frugal things on a Friday are-

1. Line dried all the washing, if I bring it in by 4ish, it doesn't get too moist from the cold evenings coming in early

2. Made a big batch of Curried Coconut Pumpkin Soup out of a beautiful pumpkin that was only 90c a kilo. This made a huge batch of soup, enough for 2 nights dinner and I have frozen 3 smaller containers for lunches

3. Rode to work every day, yes its cold, but I feel invigorated and ready for the day, with a clear head and a lifted spirit from seeing and hearing nature on the ride to work. This week the Rainbow Lorikeets have been out in force and are a delight to see.

4. Made a batch of laundry liquid, for a bit of my time and at a cost of about $1.80 for 9 litres, this will last us for about 3 months. I find it very economical and it works just fine, it's not sudsy, but you don't need suds and bubbles to wash your clothes clean. I added some lavender oil to make the clothes smell lovely.

5. Used homemade cleaners to clean my home. It saves money and the environment. Why don't you give it a go? All the "Recipes" are on my blog, as you run out of a bought cleaner try making and using a homemade version. 

Homemade furniture polish
Works like a charm on timber furniture, giving it a lovely lustre
Homemade shower cleaner
This homemade shower cleaner, makes a paste, that is easy to use and very efficient at cleaning, especially the soap scum on glass
Crystal clear shower glass and not a chemical in sight
So, tell me, how was your week? What are your frugal plans for the weekend and week ahead?


  1. I've been enjoying the cold weather this week, Fiona. I love being rugged up in layers and eating warming foods like soup. We've been heating up batches of soup from the freezer plus a few other meals I've stockpiled in there which made start back to school term easier. I've bought a few things in bulk this week; toilet paper and socks for school. Over the weekend, I will do some baking for the freezer (banana bread and muffins) and I have some mending to do (which I've been putting off but the pile is going to fall over soon so I'd better get on to it!) I want to finish off a dishcloth I've been knitting to add to my present box (for gifts) too. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Meg

  2. You have been very busy, Meg. I hope you too, have a lovely weekend and I hope you find the bottom of the mending pile.


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