This Weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

This weekend will see me super busy with my little grand nieces, Matilda and Millicent. Their Mum and Dad will be crazy busy this weekend also, as they have sold their home and are in the throws of packing, I offered to look after the girls so they could get a good head start. Tilly and Milly are just adorable but will no doubt keep me on my toes, I have bought a couple of colouring/activity books from Kmart to, hopefully, keep them occupied for at least a little while. I plan going for a walk over to the parkland and let them have a good run out in the sunshine, unfortunately I can't take my mother in laws dogs as they are not kid friendly.

I am putting a meal in the slow cooker (Drunken Chicken) before they arrive so dinner will be sorted. I also have the DVD "Inside Out"(makes me cry, every time I watch it) that my daughter gave me for Christmas to watch with them, if they sit down long enough, that is.

Lovely Hubby and son are going away on a fishing long weekend, so I won't have my dependable sidekick to help me for the next 4 days, I will miss him and everything he does around the house. today is vacuuming and mopping day and as he will be on Moreton Island fishing his heart out, I will have a date with the vacuum and mop this arvo, after work. (insert really sad face here)

My Daughter and her partner will be flying down from Cairns tomorrow for a wedding, but will be turning around and leaving very early Sunday morning, we will only get to see them for an hour or two before they leave for the wedding. It will be so lovely to see them both, even for a little while.

So, that is a wrap up of what is happening this coming weekend, now let me get my frugal on

1. Made a huge pot of Feijoada for a family dinner last Sunday, now this pot of goodness kept us fed for 3 nights, and the flavour just got better and better. Even though it was a more expensive meal, outlay wise for the meat, it was incredibly good value for the amount of people it fed.

2. Made Spinach and Feta triangles with the perennial Spinach growing in my garden

3. Made homemade toothpaste, I know, a bit extreme, maybe? I did it, not from the angle of saving money, as toothpaste is not expensive. I did it to reduce my plastic, non-recyclable waste and the toothpaste tube and toothbrushes are plastic. So as I believe being frugal also means being kind to our Earth, I am including this as a "frugal thing"

4. Packed my lunch every day for work, and made sure any leftovers were visible and front and centre in the fridge for the "boys" to eat, leading to no waste at all

5. Made 3 different types of sourdough using my own, homemade sourdough starter. I made a Light Rye and Caraway, a Pumpkin and Sage and a Fruit and Spice loaf.

Light Rye and Caraway Sourdough
Pumpkin, Sunflower and Sage Sourdough
Fruit and Spice Sourdough before proving
So, over to you, what have you been up to in the frugal or free department? How is your weekend looking?

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