This weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Well, that was another week that has just flown by, is it just me, or is everyone feeling that life is going by way too quickly? My working week is full as a boot and as you know I try and be as productive in my home as I can. I make a list for myself, to get done, when I get home from work and get enormous satisfaction when I can tick a job off that list. It doesn't always go to plan and sometimes I am just too tired to get it all done, I then just postpone those jobs until the next day. My husbands Gran always said "The housework won't run away from you, it will still be there, waiting".

Thursdays list, the watering didn't get done, I was just too tired 

I will have to water today, everything is very dry 

I did a lot of baking/cooking this week and have been enjoying homemade crackers and hummus for my lunch. I made Sourdough bread, Sourdough Crumpets and I also had a go at flat breads, they all turned out great. I made a Toffee Apple and Pecan Cake on Wednesday night, half the cake was taken to work for our Monthly Morning Tea ( I promised my boys the other half)

Toffee Apple and Pecan Cake 

So this is my 5 Frugal things for this Friday

1. Made nut and seed crackers and Pumpkin Hummus for lunches
Pumpkin Hummus and Homemade Nut and Seed Crackers 

2. Line dried all the washing

3. Made a loaf of Sourdough bread, Sourdough Crumpets and some Flat Breads
Sourdough bread, fresh from the oven 

Sourdough Crumpets with lashings of butter and honey, recipe coming soon 

Super easy flatbreads, recipe coming soon 

4. Made a cake from scratch with ingredients already in the house, to take to our Monthly morning tea at work

Toffee Apple and Pecan Cake with Toffee Sauce, recipe coming soon 

5. Made another big batch of Curried Coconut Pumpkin Soup as the Pumpkins are on special at the moment, only $1.00 a KG.

So warming and delicious

So, tell me, what were your frugal or free achievements this week?


  1. I made peanut butter this week, got all the washing done and did some canning, I love ticking things off my list, that cake looks delicious and so moist I do like a moist cake :-)

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I also made some peanut butter this week, I have been buying the Coles own brand roasted peanuts (Australian) and roasting them a bit more then blitzing them with honey and cinnamon, oh so yummy.
      I would love , one day , to be able to can produce I have grown myself, sigh, one day!
      The cake was a hit at work and home, I will post the recipe soon. Have a wonderful weekend.


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