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Toasted Oat and Honey Sourdough

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

Following on from my recent posts about sourdough, I have another sourdough recipe for you, this time you add the extra goodness of oats and honey, doesn't that sound all together delicious and nourishing? I found this recipe, on a new to me, blog, called The life of Clare.

You toast the oats first for added flavour, it also makes a more robust loaf and is perfect with savoury or sweet toppings, There is only a quarter cup of honey in it so it not overly sweet and can lend itself in either direction, savoury or sweet.

Preheat oven to 200 C, put 1 cup of oats onto a baking tray and toast for 10 minutes, giving it a good stir every few minutes 

That is my sourdough starter in the tall jar, at the back.
In the bowl is 500 grams of bread flour, 150 grams of proved and bubbly sourdough starter, 300 grams tepid filtered water, 10 grams of salt, 1/4 cup of honey and almost 1 cup of toasted oats. 
Keep about 2 tablespoons of the oats to sprinkle over the top of the sourdough before baking 

After the sourdough has proved and has doubled in size (24 hours), flour the worktop 

Pour and scrap out the proved sourdough on to floured work top 

Flatten slightly with your hands 

Using a flat sided dough spatula, flip one side of the dough into the middle 

Then, flip over the other 

Start rolling up from the short end 

Continue rolling 

Until it is all rolled up into a log 

Lift sourdough onto a piece of baking paper 

Slash with a sharp knife 

Using the baking paper, lift the sourdough 

Into an enamel pot, with a lid 

Brush with water 

Sprinkle over reserved toasted oats 

Ready for the hot oven. As I have said before, the oven can wait but the sourdough won't 

Golden and gorgeous


500 grams bread flour
150 grams proved and bubbly sourdough starter
300 grams tepid filtered water
10 grams salt
1 cup of oats, toasted in the oven for 10 minutes, stirring every so often. Reserve 2 tablespoons of toasted oats for the top of the sourdough
1/4 cup of honey


Preheat oven to 250 C
To a bowl, add all of the above ingredients, except for the reserved toasted oats
Mix well with your hands until all incorporated
Let prove until it has doubled in volume, it can take up to 24 hours
When sourdough is ready, scrap and pour onto a floured worktop
Flatten slightly with your hands and then using a flat sided dough scraper, flip one side of the sourdough into the middle, then the other
Start rolling up, from the short end, forming into a log shape
Lift sourdough onto a sheet of baking paper
Slash bread with a sharp knife in a design that is pleasing to you
Now lift into an enamel pot with a lid
Brush with water and sprinkle over reserved toasted oats, put lid on enamel pot
Put into the preheated oven and immediately turn heat down to 230 C. Bake, with lid on for 20 minutes, then remove lid and continue baking for 30 minutes or until you are happy with the colour of the loaf

Enjoy with lashings of butter and honey!

So, over to you, what is your favourite kind of sourdough? And what would be your perfect sandwich filling?

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