What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I hope you all have had a great week and had the chance to have some family time with your loved ones. It is always a treat for me to have my little family over to share dinner and we did just that on Sunday night.

For dinner I made our families version of Feijoada, it is quite the dish, full of all kinds of meat, it is so delicious and warming, just what you want for a cold wintery night. It is a simple dish to put together and it just bubbles away, most of the day, on the stove top. I will post the recipe soon, I think you will find it interesting.

So, along with this amazing dish, this is what we got up to-

What we bought
Shopping from ALDI, Woolworths, Coles and Nothling Prime Meats
Extra "forgotten"items purchased on Sunday from Coles. The Muesli bars were on special for $1.99 a packet, that is hard to beat. They are good to have in the cupboard for when lovely hubby goes fishing
Tuesday afternoon markdowns. I always go for a walk through my local Coles on the way home from work, on Tuesday arvo, to see if there are any marked down fresh produce that I can snaffle 

  What we spent


Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$66.07 (we did buy more meat than usual this week due to making Feijoada for a family dinner on Sunday)

Coles-$29.53 + extra on Tuesday arvo $3.75

Healthy Life-$14.95 - Activated Charcoal to make Toothpaste

 this is a big week the extra meat and items needed to make the  Feijoada pushed the cost up!

 What we ate
Wednesday - Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara
Thursday - Pizza night, we had  a voucher to use, Sweet!
I am loving this Chicken and Feta Pizza at the moment 
Friday - Tempura Whiting with Steamed Basmati rice with steamed Snow Peas

Saturday - Spinach and Feta Triangles with Maple Syrup Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Sunday - Our Families Version of Feijoada, it's a bit of a meat feast. Even though it was a more expensive meal than usual, it has fed us for 3 nights, including a family dinner of 9 people. The leftovers got better and better

So, tell me, what was on your menu this week?


  1. Tried your chicken, orange jest and chorizo tonight, it was delicious. My son went for seconds, thanks heaps. I would love to know how you cook your feijoada? My dad used to make a really good one. Guida

    1. Hi Guida,
      The Feijoada recipe is from my husbands late grandmother, her second husband was Portuguese and I guess he taught her it. It is very "Aussie-fied" And not at all like the original, it is however the most tastiest of dishes. I will be posting this recipe very soon. That chicken and chorizo one was a hit here too!

  2. Aaaaah, I'm in love with your cooking !!


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