What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

This was another big week, money wise, as lovely Hubby and son went away for a fishing long weekend to Moreton Island. My husbands' best mate lives on Moreton and lovely Hubby goes over to stay about twice a year. It's a typical all boys weekend, lots of meat on the BBQ and lots of fishing done over the four days. In all, they caught 208 Whiting over the 4 days between the 3 of them, not bad, at all. Whiting has to be the best eating fish in the sea!

The meat for their BBQ's was bought from Nothling Brothers Quality Meats, as we like to support the small, independent butcher, they have very good quality meat, but it is on the more expensive side. On a normal week, this isn't a problem as we don't eat a lot of meat, but this week, with the boys going away and wanting good steak for the BBQ, it pushed the cost up, like, way up. I am not losing any sleep over it though as it doesn't happen very often and I always think it is still a cheap weekend away as they don't need to pay for accomodation!

I also cooked dinner on Saturday and Sunday night for more people than usual, as I had my little Grand Nieces and my Sister for dinner on Saturday night (along with my Mother in law, as usual) and my Niece, her hubby plus the little girls and my Sister + MIL for Sunday night. Both meals were "slow cooker" meals and both were super easy to pop on in the morning. I made a "Drunken Chicken" and a "Spice Beef". I really love my slow cooker especially when I am feeding more people than usual and have my hands full with little ones or just a busy day at home.

What we bought
The bread rolls, raisin bread, mushrooms, two of the avocados and the bag of washed small potatoes were for lovely hubby and son to take to Moreton Island
Most of the meat (except for the chicken and 1 kg of shin beef) went with lovely hubby to Moreton Island. The pre made salads also went with him.
  What we spent


Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$121.23 (holy cow)

Total-$312.68 (Oh my goodness! that is outrageous) Thank goodness lovely Hubby doesn't go away that often

 What we ate
Wednesday-Spicy Fish Cakes with Steamed Basmati Rice and English Spinach
Thursday-Pizza Night, we had a voucher to use and ordered 3 pizzas as our son had dinner with us. This is the vegorama pizza and it was delicious
Friday-Smoked Salmon Pasta with steamed Broccolini
Saturday-Drunken Chicken with steamed Basmati Rice, Snow Peas and English Spinach

Sunday night, we had a dish called "Spice Beef" it is a lovely, easy, slow cooker meal flavoured with onions, mushroom soy sauce and five spice. It's another one of Grans recipes, and is truly delicious. You also add potatoes to this dish, the potato soak up all the delicious sauce/gravy and we served it with steamed rice and broccolini. It was quite a hectic day, afternoon and night, so no photo of dinner, sorry.

Monday-Pasta Bake with steamed Broccolini

Tuesday-Freshly caught Whiting (from the Moreton Island trip) in Tempura with steamed Basmati Rice and steamed Snow Peas

So, over to you, what was on your table this week?


  1. Your pizzas always look lovely - do you get them from Dominoes with the vouchers?

    1. Yes, they are from Dominoes, we used to have a fabulous pizza place literally a stones throw from us but they closed down. We are getting our pizzas from dominoes now and always seem to have a voucher for them! Have a great weekend

  2. I love Broccolini! We put some in fried rice recently and it was delicious.


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