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My plastic replacement for August

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

With July being "Plastic Free July" it bought to my attention the overuse of plastic in my life and home. I am on a quest, be it slow, to reduce or remove plastic from my home and find a sustainable replacement for the plastic I am using now. I have set myself the challenge of converting one plastic item per month into a non-plastic version. The first substitution was using bamboo toothbrushes and making toothpowder for our oral hygiene. Using the toothpowder has now become habit and I really love it. Along with the amazing flavour hit of orange and clove it leaves your teeth squeaky clean.

This months item I am replacing/substituting, is plastic wrap. While replacing toothbrushes and toothpaste was a small step, replacing plastic wrap, for me, will be a much bigger step. A huge, catering roll of plastic wrap has sat, proudly, on my bench top, ready whenever I needed it, for as long as I can remember. So replacing plastic wrap will take more time to get used to.

I have two sizes of these Beeswax wraps, this is the smaller one and as you see is big enough to easily cover a 250 grams block of butter 

I have been using Beeswax wraps to wrap up my bread or crackers for lunch, wrapping the block of cut butter and cheese and have been using food safe, silicone disks to cover food in the fridge. I have only been doing this since the beginning of August and so far, so good. It's like everything that is new, it takes time to adjust your way of doing things and your mind set. I realise that the using the silicone disks is far from ideal however they ARE re-usable and do a great job plus I already had them in the house. The ethos seems to be-use what you already have.

In the beginning, when I was packing my lunch, I automatically cut a piece of plastic wrap before I even thought about it. Now as I unpack my lunch bag, and wash and dry the containers from my lunch, I have been wiping and drying the beeswax wrap ready to reuse for the next day.

I bought these food safe silicon food covers a while ago at the Redcliffe Beach Front Market. They are very good at sealing food. There are 4 sizes and I have them hanging on the inside of my pantry. I use the biggest one to cover the bowl, when proving the homemade bread. I just need to get into the habit of reaching for one of these rather than the plastic wrap to seal food.

I received the Beeswax Wraps 2 months ago as part of the "Mighty Fix" monthly subscription. But I know they can be made quickly and easily and will be having a go at making some soon. When I did my "Introduction to Permaculture" Morag Gamble of "Our Permaculture Life" blog showed us how to make these useful wraps. They only take a few "ingredients" to make and hardly any time and voila beeswax wraps at a fraction of the cost of bought ones. 

So, over to you, is there a substitute that you use to replace or reduce the use of plastic in your home?


  1. Hi, Fi. Beeswax wraps are great, aren't they! I have a collection of pyrex dishes as I've bought one or two as they've come on special at supermarkets over the years and now have several of differing sizes to use instead of plastic containers. I also find just putting a little plate as a cover on the top of a bowl with leftovers in it works really well. Meg:)

  2. Hi Meg, yes I am loving the beeswax wraps, they are so flexible and wrap things so well. I am going to have a go at making some soon. My mum had a good collection of Pyrex, I think my sister still has a few of the sets. I love that they are so sturdy.