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Op shop bargains

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

I have always been an Op-Shopper, even before it was popular, whenever I needed something new, I headed for an Op shop. Over the years I have bought some really lovely pieces that I have had some really great wear out of as well as every day t-shirts, shorts and jeans to wear around the house.

I did an audit of my wardrobe and out of 108 articles of clothing 55 were from Op shops. The audit didn't include my work uniforms as these are supplied.

I don't get the opportunity to go Op shopping very often, but when I go to my hairdresser in Redcliffe (once a month) I usually pop into the Salvos store in Sutton Street which is just a few doors down. Yesterday they had a 1/2 price special on all clothing and shoes, so I had a really good look through and found some fantastic bargains.

Katie's floaty floral top $2.00
Blue Illusion long denim shorts $2.00 

Blue and white dress $2.50. Yes, it is a bit short but it will be okay 
around the house in summer. Look at those white legs! 

Suzanne Grae black and white dress $3.00. I am a sucker for black and white
and love a geometric design. It is fully lined and I think it is such a stylish dress. 

Colorado Skirt $2.00 

Target diamante black knit top $2.00. That is Ninjas tail in the photo

In total, I spent $13.50 for 6 items and have some lovely, new to me, clothes to wear. All the items are great quality and "as new" condition, they just need a wash and an air and I will be set to go.

So, tell me, are you a fan of Op shops? What has been your best buy?


  1. You look very stylish in that black and white dress. Lovely shopping choices.

  2. WOW those are some very lovely clothes indeed.
    I never seem to find such nice things when I go to an Op Shop, but then I struggle to find anything I like in any clothing shop, so maybe the problem is me!
    You look great in that blue and white dress, I don't think it's too short, and you've got great legs to show off there! So go for it!

  3. Yes I agree - great legs - very envious! Those clothes look really good - you're lucky to have an op shop with good items for $2 - many of ours are charging over $10 for a dress now.