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Runaway to Maleny-Our Weekend Away

Thursday, 4 August 2016
Hello Dear Reader,

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to stay at this wonderful family home in Maleny, celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary. I simply googled "Places to stay in Maleny" and this place caught my eye. It truly is a beautiful place and I think my photo's just don't do it justice.

As with all our holidays, this little get away was budgeted and saved for, well before actually going away. It makes it that more special as there is no "budget blowout or hangover" to contend with when we get home.

Along with the natural beauty of the surroundings, the actual home is amazing. It has featured in many "Home Beautiful" magazines and it has a wonderful home-y feel about it. The bird life is prolific and it is so relaxing just sitting on the front deck breathing in the tranquility and listening to the bird calls.

The caretaker is a lovely lady who goes by the name Shadow and was welcoming and full of information about the property. The owners, Ian and Jen, have made this beautiful house a home with artistic flair and practical touches in every part of the home.

The kitchen is a chefs dream, with everything at your fingertips to whip up a meal. I love the granite bench tops and the bamboo cupboards, pantries and open storage shelving, they are just so practical while looking beautiful. The family is obviously "foodies"they are just my kind of people!

Please enjoy these images of a lovely weekend at "Runaway to Maleny"

So, if you are ever up Maleny way, and want a beautiful place to stay to celebrate a special occasion, keep this magical place in mind.

*This is not a sponsored post and all views are entirely my own.


  1. Wow what a great place, happy anniversary, so glad you had time out for yourselves. Guida

  2. thank you so much Fiona, this is awesome, so happy you guys enjoyed your stay.
    May I please link this on our Run away to Maleny, facebook page.
    photos are great, very professional, love the ones of our ladies and the one of the red swan, (I think it is a swan lol) taken from outside, very clever, cheers, Shadow Seeker

  3. Hello again Fiona after all this time.
    We just happened on your blog once again and we are once again so delighted with your warm and generous description of Runaway. As you can imagine the gardens have grown considerably since your visit and everything feels happy and settled in.
    We had a wonderful surprise a few weeks ago when we discovered "Percy" the platypus playing in the lotus pond below the main house. In all the years we've lived here we've only caught fleeting glimpses of him down in the main waterhole. This time we were able to get really close and take photos and videos while he snuffled about gathering tadpoles.
    We've had lots of fun as well hosting so many delightful people and revelling in their enjoyment of the property.
    Fiona , we often think of you and Mark and the extraordinary open hearted, warm, generous guests you were to host.... so artistic and appreciative of the nature surrounds as well as the home itself.... Many many thanks again for your warm and thoughtful comments and much love to you both from Jen and Ian.