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This weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

Friday, 12 August 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

Well, that was a short week! I had Monday off due to the EKKA show holiday and I had Wednesday off as an ADO, Woot! I wish every week was like that. I got to stay at home and do all the things I love to do.

On Monday I spent some time with my sister and my little Grand Nieces, which was lovely and I was also able to work on little Milly's birthday present as well. I have made her a little felt doll complete with clothes. I finished it off on Wednesday, I loved any excuse to use my Husqvarna

So, I will make this my first frugal thing

1. Handmade this little gift for my beautiful grand niece, Millicent

The idea came from here. I already had everything I needed in my sewing room, the only thing I had to buy was some anti fraying liquid for the little dresses and a cute little box to put the doll and her wardrobe in. Little Milly turned three yesterday and she just loved this cute as a button handmade present.

2. I also made a tray of Peanut Butter Brownies and we had this as her birthday cake.

3. Packed my morning tea and lunch every day. Today I am having a Cacao and Honey Chia pudding, Vanilla yoghurt with macadamias, sesame snaps, Ryvita's with butter and vegemite and my little square of chocolate to enjoy with my cuppa. I pack cutlery and my tea bags for the day as well.

4. Saved the water from the warm up water in the shower for the figs out the front. They are looking really good with lots of new growth.

5. Rode to work for the three days that I actually went to work, including today (Monday was the EKKA show holiday and Wednesday was an ADO) It is not as cold in the morning now and I really love riding to work as it is refreshing and clears my mind for the day ahead

So, tell me, what have been your frugal achievements this week? 


  1. I absolutely love that felt doll set, what a brilliant idea for a home made gift!

  2. Love that idea for a little girl and what a gorgeous baby she is. Thanks for sharing. Guida

  3. Your present for Milly was made with much love. I'm sure it will be a favourite play thing, very handy for any longish car trips also.

  4. Hi, Fi. Your little felt doll set is adorable and how special to have made it all yourself! Handmade equals love, doesn't it! When decluttering a stash of old magazines recently, I found three very beautiful, high quality prints that I think my "niece" (the daughter of a really close friend) will love. I am hoping to find three matching frames at an op-shop so that I can frame these up so she can hang them on her wall. She has a birthday coming up and I want to give them to her as a gift. Meg:)