What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I have another shorter working week this week as Recliffe had Monday as the public holiday for the EKKA, woot! And I have today off, as yesterday was Lovely Hubby's 50th Birthday and our daughter and her partner have come down to help him celebrate this significant birthday. It was also quite the late night with lots of food and fun at our local Chinese Restaurant, so I requested today as an ADO in advance and it was granted. Yeh!

On the food front we have been having lots of warming, stick to your ribs, kind of meals as it has been quite cold still, however the end is in sight with just over 2 weeks of Winter left. I am looking forward to Spring and all it holds for our little garden.

What we bought
Shopping from ALDI, Coles, Woolworths and Nothlings Prime Meats
What we spent


Nothing Bros Prime Meats-$23.59


What we ate   
Wednesday-Easy Lasagna and steamed Broccolini
Thursday-Pizza Night. As usual, we used a voucher, and we got 2 pizzas. This is the Deli Veggie and Camembert, we also got the Chicken and Feta. Both were delicious
Friday-Thai Green Fish Curry with steamed Basmati Rice, Greek Yoghurt, Chutney and of course, Papadums
Salmon and Brie Pot Pies with English Spinach
Sunday-Beef and Prune Tagine with steamed Potatoes and Snow Peas
Monday-Curried Coconut Pumpkin Soup with natural Yoghurt and Coriander

Tuesday-was Lovely Hubbys' 50th Birthday and he decided he wanted to go to our favourite little Chinese Restaurant for dinner. He invited some of our close friends and of course our little family. There were 16 of us in all, squeezed into the tiny restaurant. We go to this little, blink and you'll miss it, restaurant/takeaway, as the Owner/Chef was very good friends with Hubby's Dad and they traced their ancestry to the same province in China. Hubby was born on the same day as his Dad and he would have been 70 years old. It was a special night with lots of great food and fun.

It is tradition to have 8 courses, including one with noodles for long life, here's what we enjoyed-

    Hot Sour Soup                                                                      Peking Duck

     Sweet and Sour Fish                                                     Mongolian Lamb

                 Peking Pork                                                             Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce

     Salt and Pepper Squid                                          Duck with Ginger, Bean shoots and Noodles
And Crispy Sweet Coconut Custard Spring Rolls for Dessert
Michael and Lovely Hubby
Our little Family

I could quite easily just have the Hot Sour Soup and the Peking Duck, so totally delicious, they would be on my last meal request, for sure!

So, tell me, what was on the dinner front, this week, at your house?


  1. Many happy returns for your husband, the Chinese meal looks wonderful and your family are all lovely. Thanks for sharing. Guida

    1. Hi Guida, thanks for the birthday wishes. It was lovely to have our little family together.


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