A short breakaway

Hello Dear Reader,

I am off on a little cruise holiday with my Sister, her Daughter and her little family. This cruise, up the Queensland Coast, is similar to the one that Lovely Hubby and I went on earlier in the year but with P & O instead of Princess line and we will be visiting Hamilton Island and Cairns. We will all be able to catch up with my daughter and her Partner while we are in Cairns, which we are all looking forward to.

This cruise has been planned for 12 months and has been saved and paid for well in advance. By living a simple frugal, life, 90% of the time, we can re route money that may have been spent unwisely into a something that we will cherish and remember always. I have written about cruising without blowing the budget before and no doubt every time I go, I will pick up another tip to save money while cruising. To me it is the perfect holiday, you only unpack once, have your bed made for you every day, enjoy really beautiful food and service and can do as much or as little as you like.

We thought it would be lovely for my Niece and her Hubby to have a little holiday where they can have a some quality time as a couple while also having some family time. I think a cruise will offer them that chance at having both. My sister and I will be having the little girls in our cabin while their mum and dad have a cabin just a few door down so they will be close when they are needed.

As the cost of using the internet/phone on a cruise is crazy expensive, I will not be blogging until I get back next Friday. So, sorry in advance for the radio silence, but I just can't justify the outlandish cost they charge.

I have added links to some interesting posts from my favourite blogs, for your reading pleasure while I am away.

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I love this post about why line drying cloths just makes sense from "Don't waste the Crumbs" blog

Frugal Queen's retirement home in Brittany, France. They have started the renovations, on a very tight budget

A beautiful, bountiful garden by Brandy and family from "The Prudent Homemaker" It always blows my mind that they have created this garden in a desert

Why making the bed is important to a good night sleep, from Rhonda at "Down to Earth" blog

Understanding tropical Queensland soils, from "Grow food slow food" blog

A beaut recipe for Tom Kai Gai from Jennifer at Nourished Kitchen blog

Why it good to have less toys for children from Nourishing Minimalism

 I hope you have a lovely week, talk soon.


  1. Have a wonderful time, what a lovely gift you are giving your niece, by taking the girls and giving them "couple time", wish someone had done that for my husband and I, when we needed it. Take care, Guida.

  2. Since you're such a seasoned traveller I was hoping you could give some further tips on cruising. I recently went whale watching and dutifully took my quells but still felt sick - I'm wondering if it's better (as far as feeling sick) on a ship as opposed to a smaller boat, whether you'd recommend a window/balcony or doesn't it matter, and someone told me it's better in the middle of the ship rather than at the ends. I'd dearly love to go on a cruise but am afraid I'd be wasting my money if I'm going to be sick. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I read that the ginger sea sickness tablets are quite good, also they are most effective when taken a day or two before embarking. You could also give the acupuncture bands a go.

  3. I second Helen's question.
    When I was a teenager my parents took us to Tasmania on the ship from Melbourne to Devonport.
    Very bad experience.
    I have not been on a ship since.


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