Miracle Spray

Hello Dear Reader,

I have been reading about this type of home made cleaner for quite sometime and thought, as I am starting my spring cleaning I would give this all purpose, Miracle Cleaner, a red hot go. I already had the ingredients in the house and it took very little time to put together, all the frugal things I love, frugal in time and money!

So, apparently you can use this cleaner on so many things like-kitchen benches and sinks, the toilet and showers, laundry stains and general laundry washing, floor and wall tiles, and even as a carpet cleaner. As this is a, new to me, cleaner I can't tell you yet, how well it works, but I will let you know what I think in the future.

The only things it is not suitable for is timber surfaces as it could damage the finish and mirrors, as the eucalyptus oil will leave smudgy marks.

Ingredients for home made Miracle Cleaner-from top right
300 mls home brand vinegar, 2 tablespoon eucalyptus oil, 60 mls dish washing liquid, 3 tablespoons washing soda and 1.5 litres of water
Heat 1 cup of the water in the microwave for 2 minutes, until very hot, add the washing soda 
And mix to dissolve. Add to a clean 2 litre container
Add remaining ingredients into the 2 litre bottle and fill up with tap water. Now, give it a really good shake to mix it well.
Decant into a suitable spray bottle, I have just recycled one I already had
Label the excess, just in case

So, as I mentioned, I will get back to you with some feedback on how it performs sometime down the track. In the meantime, do you already use this cleaner? What do you think of it?

Addit- I used this fantastic cleaner on Monday, when I cleaned the vanities and bath, worked like a charm and the eucalyptus aroma was fresh and uplifting. Everything was left sparkling clean.


  1. I started using this cleaner a couple of months ago, and it is by far the best home made cleaner I have ever used.

  2. I use this same recipe, it is by far better than anything I can buy in the shops. Though I have had problems with the triggers blocking and as I have just read over in Mr Home Maker its the vinegar!


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