For the love of uniforms

Hello Dear Reader,

For as long as I remember, I have always worn a uniform of some sort. Of course at school, through to Grade 10, as it was called then, I wasn't very academic, and I went straight from school to my first job, were I stayed for a total of 20 years (uniform included).

I had a break of 7 years until the kids were at school and then I was able to work school hours until they were in high school. I then studied and achieved a Cert III in Aged Care. I got my first job in Aged Care with Queensland Health, but only lasted 1 year at that place because of bullying in the work place. I left there and got another job with QH doing community work, which I loved and stayed there for a total of 3 years.

While there I studied and achieved my Cert IV in Allied Health which took me to another 2 positions within QH to where I work now. I absolutely love it and keep saying this is my retirement job. It is so close to home (10 minute bike ride) and the team I work with makes coming to work everyday a pleasure.

I never have to think about what I will wear to work, which is just fantastic, the uniforms are easy care, no ironing, and are very comfy. Also the uniforms are supplied, so no outlay of money and we get a small allowance for laundering the uniforms, Sweet!

I find as I get older, I care less and less about what I look like and more about how I feel. Comfort is the key and if that means jeans and t-shirts for all the days I at home, I will be very happy. Of course I wear an amended version of this home uniform in Summer, as it can be so stupidly hot and humid. so shorts and t-shirt it is.

My winter home "uniform"comfy and practical, just jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt.
Our home is quite cold hence the extra jacket and scarf. I love my aprons and always wear one when I am at home. I also have an apron, for when I am gardening, it has lovely deep pockets, which are very handy.

My work uniform, I love it, easy care, very comfy and practical, hang on didn't I just say that. Can you see a common theme here?

So, tell me, do you wear a uniform, is it easy care, what about aprons, does anyone else wear one of these? 


  1. I like wearing a uniform, it saves me having to have a variety of clothes.
    My uniform is supposed to be wash and wear, but it looks unacceptably wrinkly to me that way, so I always iron them.
    I do wear an apron, but only when I'm baking, not when I'm cooking in general, I don't know why that is???

  2. Well you look very pretty in your uniforms ! I never wear an apron because I change into my ... nightwear as soon as I come home from work ! It is usually sweat pants and a tee or a long moomoo. So comfortable and I change very often; but then I don't have to go into the garden ! xx


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