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Hello Dear Reader,

I have borrowed todays post idea from Clare at "The life of Clare" blog, it does make you think, What makes me happy?

I recently wrote about my little holiday away and also about my joyful feelings of coming home. I love the feeling of being at home-relaxed, happy, satisfied, energised and motivated. I definitely do not get the same feelings when going to work, don't get me wrong, I still love my job, but, for me, nothing can compare to being at home and getting stuck in to all the jobs that I do, to make my house a home. Today I am writing about simple things, that make me happy.

On the weekend we have more time to sit and enjoy breakfast and we love either of these two special breakfasts. Homemade sourdough bread, toasted with vegemite and avocado topped with a perfect egg and sweet chilli sauce.

Or Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup. We love our leisurely breakfasts on the weekend.

Hanging the washing in the sun and looking after it so I don't need to iron. I par dry the good clothes in the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes, then hang directly on coat hangers. The end result is wrinkle free clothing. I also love the smell of line dried clothes, it smells like sunshine

Converting abundance into divine passionfruit butter. I will "spend" time to avoid waste of any kind 

Dabbling in the kitchen to come up with an easy, healthy recipe, that works

Being amazed each time I make sourdough. It's just fermented flour and water, that makes it rise and gives it its unique flavour and texture. This is my fruit and spice sourdough, rising

Welcoming the early morning sun, each weekday. My alarm goes off at 4.45am and I would like to say that I bound out of bed, that is not the case and will often struggle to get up at 5am. I am always so happy I made the effort though. I get quite a lot done in the morning, it's my most productive time. I sleep in a bit on the weekends though, getting up around 6am

We enjoy eating fish about twice a week, sometimes more. The fish we eat is caught by lovely hubby and our son. The landed fish is looked after from the moment it is caught so that it retains the integrity of the flesh. Hubby freezes the fillets down into trays with a vacuum sealer to retain the freshness. The four main ways we eat fish are-pan fried, tempura, steamed and curried. As hubby catches a wide variety of fish there is a way of cooking each kind of fish to enjoy it at its best. I really look forward to our fish meals, so healthy and absolutely delicious

Every week morning I have a bowl of my home made muesli and a bowl of fruit salad and yoghurt. I love it so much, it's one of the main reasons I get up early each morning, just so I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast before heading off to work 

Spending time in my sewing room. About a year ago I converted the spare bedroom into a sewing room for myself. I just love it, it means I can just turn the sewing machine off, cover it and walk away, without having to clean and put everything away. It also means I can do a little bit when I can without having to set the machine up. It's bliss.

Learning a new skill, like how to make these bees wax wraps. The top one is one that I received from Mighty Fix and usually retails for $15.50 for the medium size. The ones I made, I would estimate, cost 50 cents each to make

Happy holidays, for me, mean camping at Noosa North Shore. The photo above is of Double Island Point, a 35 minute drive along the beach from where we camp. As a child my parents would take us here for holidays and day trips. There is something about this place that speaks to my soul. The water is so clean and the sand so white, I just love it here. We fish all day, go back to camp and have a lovely dinner and go to bed with the sun, it's the perfect relaxing holiday. We try and spend one to two weeks here a year and are booked to go in November.

So, tell me, Dear Reader, what is your "Happiness is" list? 

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