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Hello Dear Reader,

Well, that week of cruising the Queensland coast went very quickly! As I type this ( 9 hours after disembarking) I can still feel the motion of the ocean, a little sway-ee still, I don't get motion sickness though and I think your body just gets used to being in constant motion. It must be a middle ear thing.

Our cabin, from the door, the little girls bunk beds are to the right of the photo

The girls were super excited to sleep in the bunk beds. We had huge days and most nights we were in bed by 8 pm 

Our view from our cabin window, arriving in Hamilton Island 

I had a couple of requests for more information regarding how best to choose your cabin to reduce motion sickness. As I mentioned, I don't get motion sickness so I really can't give you any advice, from experience, regarding this, however I always choose a cabin in the middle of the boat, down the bottom, with a window. This position in the boat will reduce the amount of rocking and rolling you feel, as it more stable.

The Oasis, an adult only area on board the Aria

I have heard also if you are able to see the horizon, it reduces your nausea as you are focused on a stable vista. Once, a few cruises ago, we went with an inside cabin, that meant no window or porthole, I would never do that again as I felt quite claustrophobic. As for reducing motion sickness, there were quite a lot of people that used these Sea-bands, and were very happy with the relief they gave them. They all said it reduced their nausea significantly.

Sitting down to dinner in the Waterfront Restaurant, one of the restaurants on board the Aria

Another remedy for motion sickness that has been around for a very long time is Travel Calm, the active ingredient is ginger and we all know how good ginger is at calming an upset tummy, as it is a natural product, if I had to take something, this is the product I would choose as there is no side effects. The other anti nausea products make you very drowsy, and who wants that on top of nausea. 

My sister and I on the Kuranda Sky-rail

All of us on the Kuranda Sky-rail 

A beautiful view of one of Hamilton Islands many resort pools, just stunning 

Leaving Hamilton Island, it reminded my sister and I of Norfolk Island, with all the pine trees 

Feeding the Kangaroos at the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

It was so lovely to catch up with my Daughter and her partner while up that way. They hired a mini van for us, so we were able to sightsee altogether. On the Monday, when we were going to go on the Sky-rail it rained so we went up to Port Douglas instead. The girls had a hoot feeding the kangaroos and seeing all the wildlife at the Wildlife Habitat. As we still had the mini van we were able to go on the Sky-rail on the Tuesday when the weather was much better

Another dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant

View of some of the Waterfront Restaurant. The Aria had a huge makeover when it became part of the P & O line. The decor was truly stunning, very modern and eclectic. I would definitely go on the Aria again. It was a lovely boat and cruise. The cabins have not had an update and do look a bit plain compared to the rest of the boat, however they are comfortable and clean, all you need for a good sleep

So, tell me, what is your go to remedy for motion sickness? 


  1. We're boarding Spirit of Tasmania tonight and I am armed with Travel Calm and some crystalized ginger too. I hope the crossing is not too rough - time will tell!
    Looks like you had a great time, its nice to have a bit of warmth after such a cold winter!
    Cheers - Joolz xx

    1. Hi Joolz,
      Oh you lucky girl, heading for Tassie, have you been before? If so, what are your favourite places? It was a lovely cruise and it was lovely and warm, not too hot. I hope you have a great time in Tassie.

  2. Your cruise looks lovely. I hope you came back rested and refreshed. At the end of October our family of seven are cruising to New Caledonia with Carnival Legend. I was wondering if you think it's OK to take zip lock bags to put muffins, fruit etc from the morning buffet to take on shore for snacks. I know you can go back on ship for lunch but some islands are small with only snorkling and it may suit better to only make one trip and with 5 children buying food make get expensive.

  3. Hi Therese,
    Because of very strict quarantine laws you are unable to take any food items from the ship when going ashore.Your bags will be x-rayed disembarking and embarking. My advice is to have a big late brekky before going ashore. We take our own refillable water bottles with us from home and fill these from the water and ice machines at the buffet. There are signs discouraging you from doing this but non of the staff ever said anything. At least the will save you $$ on expensive bottled water.

  4. Yes definitely will fill up on water. I think it's quite outrageous that the soft drink package which is $5.50 for children allows you to drink endless cans of fizzy drink but doesn't include bottled water.


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