How I keep the house, mostly cat hair free, some of the time

Hello Dear Reader,

We have one pet, a cat named Ninja, she is a typical cat, aloof, self centred, and can sometimes be nasty. You know, cute but a little evil. But, I do love her, she barely tolerates me, except for when I have the sticky roller in my hand. One of Saturdays jobs is to "de-hair" the lounges, bedding, carpets and any where else the little devil has chosen to sleep, that week. The office chair is often a favourite and whom ever is sitting there (that would be me) can end up with a fluffy butt.

This whole sticky roller thing happened by accident when lovely hubby was cleaning the lounges one day, now Ninja loves my hubby and follows him around like a dog would, for a laugh he started "brushing" her with the roller and she just loved it, it must just feel like a really firm rub! Any way, as soon as she hears the sticky roller doing its thing, she comes running, what a little monster she is.

It super funny but I also think its great because it goes straight to the source of the problem, you should see how many full sheets of paper we can go through, she would let you do it all day. At least it cuts down on stubborn  cat hair sticking to every surface. She is one strange cat!

So, tell me, any strange pets at your place? And how do you remove cat hair in your home?


  1. So cute. Looks like a cat we used to have called blacky. He as I suspect all cats do also loved a good brush. Brushing would perhaps be cheaper but with the roller you can get all areas of the face.

  2. I love that video; we used to have a cat who scared me. She died 3 years ago when she was 17 and although she could be quite nasty, we miss her. I have 2 dogs now and hair is really a problem; I'll try that trick with them !!xx

  3. I absolutely loved your video and such a good idea as cat hairs get everywhere. I tried this on my little miss purrfect and it works beautifully. Such a good idea. I absolutely love your blog too and look forward to reading it everyday. Keep up the good work. My daughter lives just south of Brisbane and when I read your blog of where you shop it brings back memories of my shopping trips to Coles and Woolworths.

    1. Hi,it's a great idea, isn't? And I just love your cats name "little miss purfect". Thanks for the great feedback on my blog. I love doing it! Have a wonderful day

  4. Love reading your blog Fi, I've gone crazy making your homemade cleaners and washing powder. Ninja is such a cutie. I find putting on a cheap rubber glove and rubbing my hand over my couch/ chairs is the best way to remove dog hair in my house (Milly would not sit still long enough to be rolled haha). I find it works really well to get the hair out of the material, not sure about cat hair though!


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