How to make great chicken stock

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Golden Chicken Stock, full of goodness 

A roast chicken dinner is just about my favourite meal, any roast really, but a chicken one really speaks of home to me. My mum made the best roast chicken with mint stuffing, oh my it was something special. Every last shred of meat was used and of course mum would make real gravy as well. It's funny how you learn by just watching, isn't? I saw mum make countless batches of gravy from roasts, she had a giant fork to scrap all the golden crispy bits from the bottom of the roasting tray and would bring to the table magnificent real gravy. 

Another fantastic by product of a roast chicken is the chance to make the best chicken stock in the world. It is such a wonderful thing to do and it takes no effort at all, especially if you have a slow cooker.

Put the carcass of the roast chicken in the slow cooker along with two carrot, peeled and cut into chunks, about two ribs of celery along with some green tops and one onion, peeled and roughly chopped. 

Cover with cold water and cook for 12 to 24 hours 

This was after 12 hours however I chose to continue cooking for another 12 hours while I was at work 

After 24 hours 

Sieve stock into a jug to remove all the big chunky bits of chicken and vegetable 

Then sieve again, this time using a clean kitchen "chux" like cloth 

This removes all the really fine bits that will make your stock cloudy 

Golden and clear chicken stock after the second sieve 

This produced about 1.5 litres of really amazing, golden chicken stock

I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go. A great outcome for very little work

So, tell me Dear Reader, what is something that your Mum did, that you have learnt, just by watching? 

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  1. If you add a slash of vinegar it helps the bones release more calcium.


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