Passionfruit Butter

Hello Dear Reader,

Our Passionfruit vine has been very prolific this season and have ended up with a huge amount of this gorgeous fruit. This vine, we think, was deposited by a passing bird (keep reading), as we haven't grown this variety in our garden before and we definitely didn't buy and plant this vine.

 Previously, we had grown Panama Gold, but not in this location, we had it planted so it would scramble up and over the timber dividing fence. Anyway, it is a tremendous bonus for us and especially me, as a struggling gardener, as it has produced so much fruit and has remained disease free. The only pest we have, that attack the ripe fruit, are crows. They poke a hole in the fruit and totally suck out the pulp, cheeky things. Maybe it was one of these crows that deposited the seed, from another garden, originally! You never know.

Ingredients for Passionfruit butter, clockwise from top right
pulp of 6 passionfruit, 40 grams butter, 2 eggs, 1 cup sugar
Put all ingredients except the eggs into a medium saucepan, then beat the eggs in a separate bowl
Add beaten eggs to other ingredients in the saucepan and put onto a very low heat
Stir to combine, using a fork
Continue to stir on low heat until all butter has melted and passionfruit butter has started to thicken. Don't be tempted to increase the heat too much as it will catch. I have this on the stove humming away on low heat while I am in the kitchen doing something else and just give it a stir every 5 minutes or so
When you can wipe a line across a spoon dipped in the passionfruit butter and it stays clean, with no dripping, your passionfruit butter is ready
I love this gorgeous butter on fresh bread or toast. It is also divine spooned and swirled into thick greek yoghurt.

What fruit butter do you make and love? How do you use it?


  1. Looks divine and I also always love the quality of your photos ! x

    1. It is divine, such a treat. Thanks for the compliment about my photos. The office window gets great natural light most of the day, and I am learning that light can make or break a photo. Have a great week back at work.

  2. Your passionfruit butter looks so yummy, Fiona. I make lemon butter here quite regularly as my son loves it. We have it spread onto toast, on top of lemon and yoghurt loaf and I use it to fill little almond meal friands too. Meg:)


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