This Weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to Spring, only the second day in and yesterday was already warmer. I just wish we could have more of Spring rather than the week of so we seem to get and then launch straight into summer! I love a new season, it means, of course, a change in weather and that effects how we go about our days and what we cook for dinner, see I am always thinking about food!

As I mentioned I got a good start to my Spring cleaning and have finished the windows and blinds. The blinds actually need a good oil, as they are starting to get really parched looking, I will have a go at using my home made furniture polish or the vast amount of coconut oil I still have left. The next cleaning job though is the skirting boards and walls, I have used my all purpose cleaner on the bathrooms so far, and am really impressed, so I think that I will use that for the skirting boards and probably use gumption cleaning paste for the walls. I will tackle that job the same way as I did the windows and blinds, one section/room at a time. What's that saying "You can eat an elephant, just one mouthful at a time".

This weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday are-

1. Made a pavlova for our monthly morning tea at work, I had 3 egg whites in the freezer from a while ago, although I can't for the life of me remember what I used the egg yolks for. I made the pavlova in the shape of a heart as we were celebrating the last week of a lovely girl who is expecting her first child very soon. The passionfruit is homegrown, so there was very little outlay for such a lovely dessert.

2. Line dried all the washing, for the "good clothes" I par dry them in the dryer (5 to 10 mins) then hang them on hangers in the sun. Then I don't have to iron.

3. Packed my lunch for work every day, it may not always be exciting, but it is nourishing and filling, enough to keep me going through my busy day. I always have a chia pudding for morning tea and lately I have been having lots of toasties as they are easy to make, carry and then toast at work. I alway include cutlery as, with most work places, we have about a dozen forks and little else.

4. Had a go at making my first batch of vanilla essence. I made three 250mls bottles, used four vanilla beans in each one, the final cost of each bottle was $10.13. To compare it with a shop bought vanilla, the Queen Vanilla Essence is $4.13 for a 50 ml which works out to be $12.39 for 250mls. Not a big saving however I will be able use the vanilla beans once it is finished infusing in the vodka, so I think I will still count this as a viable frugal project. Almost one week in and the vanilla beans are already starting to colour up the vodka.

5. Got into bed early every night. I count having good quality sleep as frugal and adding value to my life, as it enables me to feel rested and rejuvenated, ready to take on another day. I went for years of having very little sleep due to a hormonal imbalance. That has been sorted for nearly four years now and I still cherish every hour of sleep I have. 

So, over to you, what were your frugal achievements this week?


  1. I love sleep too and think it is the cheapest beauty and health treatment to live your best life. I learnt the hard way this year after being totally sleep deprived for about 24 weeks training for a marathon. I would never put my body through that again and relish my sleep ins now. That is probably one of my newest frugal treats - sleeping in a on Saturday then having tea and breaky in bed so looking forward to that tomorrow.

    I like using those little toilet cleaners in the bowl but instead of always buying refills this week I'm trying to fill them with fragranced toilet cleaner instead.

    I made a great veggie curry in the pressure cooker using spices a friend gave me to practice Indian cooking before my holiday there in a few months. Cooked up onion, spices, veggies, diced tomatoes then added chickpeas and spinach at the end. The batch made 4 servings with rice.

  2. Your pavlova looks delicious and has given me an idea for dessert I can make for our Fathers' Day lunch. I have some passionfruit pulp in freezer to use up so that will be lovely way to have it. Meg:)

  3. I make my own vanilla essence too and I find that if I cut open the pods and scrape out the insides and pop all of it into the vodka I get a nice strong vanilla flavour. I then just reuse those pods again in my next batch with some freshies. Makes for the best vanilla essence. I've loved reading your blog lately x


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