What I did yesterday afternoon

Hello Dear Reader,

I try to get a lot done of an afternoon, when I get home from work, I usually have a list that I write up early in the morning and sometimes add to it when I get home. They are all little jobs, each one taking not very much time but it does add up. I find if I keep on top of things I don't feel over whelmed or think it's all too much.

About twice a week, lovely Hubby cooks fish for dinner and all I have to do is cook the rice and the veggie to go with it, so that gives me a bit more time to get things done. Yesterday afternoon was such an afternoon and this is what I achieved in two and a half hours. Sweet.

Started making sourdough bread. I had fed the starter yesterday morning before going to work. The starter had bubbled up nicely and was well and truly ready to use by the time I got home. I let it prove overnight 

This is what the sourdough looked like this morning at 5.35am. I will continue to let it prove until I get home from work this afternoon and I will make the sourdough bread then. You can prove the sourdough for up to 24 hours, depending on the weather 

Made my lunch to take to work, today I am having a piece of fruit and spice sourdough, toasted with home made nut butter and pancakes (left over from Sunday Breakfast) with butter and maple syrup for morning tea. And for lunch I am having a cheese toastie with belino snack tomatoes and my one piece of dark chocolate 

Pulped another bumper pick of home grown passionfruit, the vine has almost finished cropping. I froze down, four more bags of passionfruit pulp, each bag holding six passionfruit 

Cut up a beautiful pineapple I bought, when I visited a friend and her family up at Glasshouse Mountain on Sunday. There is a stall out the front of a pineapple farm, just down the road from her, that sells pineapples for only 50 cents each. I will keep the pineapple top and plant it out. I know it takes ages to grow, but it's a bit of free fun 

Yesterday afternoon was bathroom cleaning arvo. So thats what I did. I cleaned the vanities, mirrors and bath with my homemade cleaners 

The second bathroom, finished, nice and clean 

It's amazing how dirty the bath gets from not using it. We all prefer a shower rather than a bath 

Cleaned the slow cooker bowl after it had been soaking overnight. I had made Beef and Red Wine Casserole with Parsley and Olive Dumplings with steamed Broccoli for dinner on Sunday 

Cut up two bunches of Asparagus to have with last night dinner. 

Walked my Mother in laws two fluffies, It's just a quick walk, about 20 minutes worth, which does them and me the world of good. We have good lighting the whole way so I feel safe

We eat next door with my Mother in law as she is unable to walk very far and its just easier for us to bring everything over to her. We finally sat down for this yummy dinner at 7.15pm. 

So, tell me, am I a bit bonkers for trying to get it all done or is this just a normal afternoon for you? 


  1. I am reaaly enjoying reading your blog- but you fit a lot more into an afternoon than I can!

  2. Re. the bathtub: in our old bathroom we had a bathtub that we never used (too short
    for my 191 cm husband and I don't like having baths) which, like yours, had to
    be cleaned constantly. We ended up getting a piece of white melamite cut to size
    at Bunnings, covered it and put plants and toiletries on top. When we renovated
    the bathroom guess what was first to go!

  3. You are a very industrious person for sure. I like reading about household routines and rhythms.Running an organised house is a source of great satisfaction to me.

    1. Hi Veronica, how funny, I have just started writing a post called "The rhythm of my home" watch out for it soon.


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