What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

It has been lovely to get back into the swing of being at home after my little break away. I was able to finish the little baby quilt I have been working on, I made some magnificent, golden chicken stock from the lovely Roast Chicken we had for Sunday dinner and caught up with the cleaning schedule.

Everything is now up to date and I feel happy about that. I like to keep on top of everything and don't mind the extra work if it means I can go to bed knowing my home is humming along nicely. It may seem totally boring to some, but it is what keeps me relatively stress free and able to focus on pastimes that bring me joy, like sewing, gardening and cooking.

What we bought
Sorry it's a bit blurry. Shopping from ALDI and Woolworths
What we spent

Coles(extra on Sunday)-$34.91-(10 kg bread flour, carrots and celery and coconut quench) 


What we ate 
Wednesday-Creamy Bacon and Pumpkin Pasta Bake with Steamed Snow Peas
It's Thursday, so that means Pizza Night. As always, we had a voucher and saved $$ on full price. Or thats what they have you believe! Any way it's a night off that doesn't cost the earth and it is my Mother in Laws shout. My late Father in Law started this Pizza night years ago and seems to have stuck. 
Friday-Pan Fried Pearl Perch with a big tossed salad
Saturday-Silverbeet, Feta and Roast Pumpkin Parcels with sautéed mushroom and steamed snow peas
Sunday-Good old fashioned Roast Chicken with Rosemary Roast Potatoes, Roast Pumpkin and English Spinach. I kept the carcass of the Roast Chicken and made the best home made chicken stock.
Tempura Whiting that lovely hubby caught and cooked to perfection 
Monday-Tempura Whiting, Steamed Basmati Rice and Asian Greens

Thai Pork Cakes with Nam Jim sauce, Steamed Basmati Rice and Asian Greens

So, tell me, what is your "thing" that brings you joy?

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  1. We had Nigella's Slow-roasted lamb shoulder at the weekend, so that gave us a couple of meals in the week too, and, last night I chopped up the last few slices and made your Biryani recipe - another hit! I've been shopping today, so tonight is sardines on the BBQ and potato salad.


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