Another finished bag

Hello Dear Reader,

A little while ago, I made a little baby quilt for a lovely lady at work. She already knew she was having a little girl, hence the pretty colours. It was a joy to make and I find that with each quilt I make I am getting better and neater with the sewing, it is so totally addictive, this sewing business.

I use the curved quilting pins to sandwich the layers together for quilting.  Apparently there is a spray you can use, to stick the layers together, I don't know if it is available in Australia?

There was just enough fabric and bamboo batting to make a bag for the lovely Mummy, I love these bags, so simple to make and put together and they are really quite a sturdy bag. The lining is made of  patchwork, 5 inch squares, with the colours placed randomly, the straps have batting in them as well so they feel soft but are strong at the same time. I know you really can't see it but the bottom of the bag, on the outside, is a strip of the same triangles I used on the quilt, they just worked out perfectly. 

I wrapped the bag and quilt in some beautiful paper and ribbon that I had in my wrapping paper stash and it looks just beautiful. There is another lady at work who lives close to the new mummy so I have asked her to deliver it for me

So, tell me, any sewers or quilters reading, what are you sewing at the moment?


  1. Lovely work Fiona. I sure your co-worker will appreciate both the quilt and the bag. I would really like to do more sewing, I guess I just need to get more motivated in that area. I have only ever made the one quilted item and that was a small wall-hanging.

  2. What a beautiful gift! I would be thrilled to bits to receive something like that!
    I love the tote bag, I can see myself "trying" to make one of those one of these days :)

  3. Beautiful quilt and bag - gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Am a basic sewer but inspired to have a go now.


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