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How to make icing sugar in a Thermomix

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hello Dear Reader,

I don't use a lot of icing sugar, as I simply don't ice cakes that often, however over the long weekend I did make a cake with icing and my small stash of home made icing sugar, just wasn't enough, so instead of having to go to the supermarkets for one item, I made some more. It is a super simple process, blitzing one cup of ordinary white sugar until it is a very fine powder. I have posted about it today, probably more of a reminder for me of the time and speed involved rather than an actual "how to" as it really is just that easy.

Add one cup of everyday white sugar to the TM bowl 

Insert a piece of paper towel in between the MC and the opening. This prevents the fine haze of powdered sugar from escaping. Blitz for 30 seconds on speed 8. I give the TM a few taps to settle the icing sugar and also leave it a minute before opening the lid to prevent the fine sugary haze from escaping. 

Give the sugar a bit of a scrap down with a spatula 

Blitz 3 more times, 30 seconds each time, scraping sides down in between blitzing.
That's a total of 4 x 30 second blitzing 

There you have it, fine, silky smooth, icing sugar. 
As there is no additives, this icing sugar it will harden up over time. When this happens, simply pop the hardened icing sugar back into the Thermomix and blitz for 10 seconds to make it fine and loose again

So, tell me, what other shortcuts do you use your Thermomix for?

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