Lemon or Lime Butter Cake

Hello Dear Reader,

I am finding a lot of recipes, by accident, lately, which is so serendipitous. This lovely little recipe is another one I found, on another random blog, that I was on, looking at for basic knitting instructions, nothing at all to do with cooking!

I thought it would be a good one to use up the last of the lime butter and to take to work for our monthly morning tea that celebrates new staff members, Birthdays, retirements, that kind of thing. I altered the recipe to use less sugar as my home made Lime Butter is quite sweet, so I felt the extra sugar wasn't needed. It is a Thermomix recipe but I see no reason why you couldn't mix the batter in a stand mixer, a food processor or by hand. This recipe would double easily to make two cakes

Ingredients for Lemon or Lime Butter Cake, clockwise from top right-
60 grams of butter, 
90 grams of sugar, 1 egg, 150 grams SR flour,  and 150 grams of Lemon or Lime butter 
(or even Passionfruit butter)
Add all ingredients except the lemon or lime butter to the bowl of the thermomix
Blitz for 30 seconds on speed 5
To a greased and lined 20 cm springform tin, add about half of the cake batter/dough and flatten out. It is very thick, like a dough really, it is easy to push into the prepared tin and flatten with a silicon spatula
It creates a very thin base, don't be worried, this is how it supposed to be
Pour over fruit butter of you choice
And then dollop 1/2 teaspoon full of cake batter/dough over the fruit butter. There is just enough to do this, I promise
Bake at 180 C for 30 minutes. Let it cool in the pan and then undo the springform and gently place it on a serving plate. It is a wonderful cake served hot or cold with ice-cream or whipped cream
You will want to make it again and again, it is so simple and so delicious.

So, tell me, what odd or unexpected places have you found a wonderful recipe?


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    1. Hi, Yes, sorry, lemon butter is the same as lemon curd, lemon butter is just what my Mum always called it. Hope you love the recipe. Next time I make passionfruit butter I am going to use this recipe.


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