Oat, Chia and Yoghurt Breakfast Pots

Hello Dear Reader,

Don't these sound altogether lovely and wholesome, they are just divine, so delicious and filling. Okay, okay I will stop gushing now. I made these little pots of goodness when I had almost run out of fruit for our fruit salad breakfast bowls, the afternoon before going shopping and I wanted something robust and filling, to just top with the fruit and yogurt we had left, that would keep us going until at least morning tea time. Well, they certainly do that.

Fruit wise I had 1 kiwi fruit, 20 blueberries, 6 raspberries, and 1 homegrown passionfruit. I imagine any combination of fruit and yoghurt would work beautifully. Something magical happens to the oats when you soak them, they go soft and velvety, and I have read that the oats are better digested after having a soak, so, win, win.

Ingredients for Oat, Chia and Yoghurt Pots, from left-This is for 1 serve
4 tablespoon milk of your choice, 3 tablespoon oats, 2 teaspoon chia seeds and 2 tablespoon yoghurt of your choice

In a suitable glass, lidded jar or bowl combine all ingredients and mix really well 

Then cover and put into the fridge overnight

In the morning, top with what ever fruit you like, a splash of maple syrup and some extra yoghurt. 

I have to tell you, they taste divine, are super quick to put together, filling and nutritious. Everything you want breakfast to be!

So, tell me, what is your favourite breakfast?


  1. Looks delicious. It reminds me somewhat of a coffee/chocolate pudding I make sometimes but use coconut cream instead of yogurt. I love the gelatinous texture of chia seeds when soaked.vv

  2. Such a delicious way to eat breakfast! I add 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds per jar to my overnight oats which is pretty identical to your recipe. Easy to make days in advance which is a great time saver.


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