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As some of you might know, I have started a quest, albeit slow, to reduce or remove the use of single-use plastic in my life. Each July is Plastic-free July and I originally read about it on The Rogue Ginger blog. Erin is very inspiring in how she lives her life and it has really made an impact on how I feel about single use plastics.

I have two plastic replacements this month, both to do with health and beauty needs. I am a minimalist as far as beauty goes and the less products I have to use, the better. Let me say, that these following products work for me, they may not be for everyone, as all our needs are not the same. Just saying, thats all.

The first plastic replacement is hair gel. I have very short hair and have sported something similar to this style, since I was 13 years old, I have had a go at growing my hair out into a different style a couple of times over the years, which ended up looking and feeling terrible. As it grows out, a crazy curl takes over sending the hair in different directions, it is also very thick and the boofy look just doesn't do anything for my small face.

I just love my short, no fuss, hair and have always used a hair gel to style it, since trying to use less plastic I have been using a smidge of coconut oil to smooth and keep it in check. I now don't use a conditioner as I find the coconut oil is just beautiful at nourishing my hair, keeping it really soft and smooth. So, no more plastic bottles of hair gel or hair conditioner. Sweet! Thats two less plastic bottles that I am bringing into my life on a regular basis. Tiny steps, I know, but I feel better for having a go at using less plastic.

Below is the photo of the huge 5 litre plastic bottle of coconut oil that my late Father in law bought, I can't remember what he bought it for but it was barely used, when I started using it. It is now just about used up and have poured the remaining coconut oil into glass jars. The plastic container was put into the recycle bin for recycling. In future I will be buying the coconut oil in glass jars.

The second plastic replacement, for this month, is a homemade, all natural, deodorant, that is based on Bentonite clay. Now a deodorant that is based on clay just doesn't sound right, does it? But stay with me. Over the last 2 months I have been trying a variety of natural homemade deodorants and this one is just fantastic. It is easy to make, easy to apply and, for me, lasts all day. I used orange essential oil to fragrance the deodorant as I didn't have any "pretty" perfumed, essential oils, you can easily omit the essential oil and just leave it plain. It works as an anti-perspirant, not just as a deodorant, covering up odours. 

Ingredients for homemade natural deodorant-from left
2 tablespoons Bentonite clay, 4 tablespoon Bicarb of Soda, 6 tablespoons Coconut oil (warmed in the sun so it turns to liquid) 4 tablespoons Tapioca flour 

In a glass lidded jar or other suitable container, add all the dry ingredients 

Then add the coconut oil 

Then add 10 drops of essential oil, if using 

Give it a really good stir with a non metallic spoon, until it is well incorporated

Once the coconut oil has cooled it will solidify again and the deodorant will turn into a solid cream, during hot and humid weather you may need to pop the jar of deodorant into the fridge before applying it. To apply it, just scoop out a very small amount with a plastic spoon and rub into your underarm area. It does feel a little gritty initially, but that settles completely, as it dries. I have had no problems with it coming off on clothing and it has been a really efficient product. I love it as it is natural, that means no more harmful stuff going near my Lymph nodes, thank you very much. 

So, tell me, what natural health and beauty products do you swear by, that just happen to be plastic free?

Edited to add-

In our hot summers I find it easier to pour the home made anti-perspirant into mini silicon cup cake moulds, pop them in the fridge and let them set. Then when you need to apply some anti-perspirant just grab one from the fridge and rub in on. Oh and you should really mark the container with them in "Do not Eat" as they look like a little caramel dessert. Just in case! 

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  1. Well that sounds really interesting! I love the effort you are going to to reduce single use plastic. I think I'm on the start of a similar journey, I've never been a massive plastic user, but I can do much better, I've started using upturned plates as lids for things that need storing in the fridge, instead of pulling out the cling wrap, and covering things more with T-Towels. I have seen an easy method for making food covers out of fabric and bee's wax, but haven't had the time to give it a try yet. Well done on your efforts.


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