This weeks 5 Frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

This weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday are all food related, I know, no surprises there. I find by buying just enough food for the week ahead, and making sure all that food is taken care of and used up, there is no waste and that is what I am aiming for.

 I have talked about food waste before and I think that we can all do our bit, in our home, by making sure all the food we buy, is actually used. Menu planning is the key to reducing waste in your home, as is knowing how to store fruits, veggies, meats and dry goods, to make sure they last the distance.

1. I cut up some not so wonderful strawberries, and sprinkled them with icing sugar. This sweetens and preserves them a bit. No waste. That's the plan!

2. I used our first crop (really, really, small crop) of potatoes to make mashed potatoes, to go with a meal. I made some huge mistakes with growing potatoes, for the first time. I will know better next time though. That's what it is all about for me, living this simple, frugal life, learning by my mistakes and doing it better in the future. Some of the potatoes were so tiny, they were almost impossible to peel.

3. Cut back and picked some Bellino tomatoes, I picked off all the green ones as well and will let them ripen inside. This plant is one from last season and it made it through the winter and has started to flower and fruit again. These homegrown tomatoes have been very successful and were grown from saved seeds that I dried from shop bought tomatoes. With this crop I have done the same, kept some for seeds, to plant when the time is right.

The saved seeds for my next crop of Bellino Tomatoes
4. I had bought a large jar of ALDI brand tomato paste for my Get Ahead Spaghetti Sauce, as I didn't use it all, I froze down the remainder into ice cube trays to prevent waste. One portion is about a tablespoon full, such a handy way to reduce waste. 

5. I made icing sugar in my Thermomix, I know that to buy icing sugar is not expensive, but having to make a special trip to the supermarket, when you have run out of this one ingredient, bites into my time at home. I was 1/2 a cup short of icing sugar for the Melt and Mix Chocolate Slab Cake, so, for me, even though the money saving wasn't huge, my time is precious and the less time spent in a supermarket is best for me and my sanity. So I am counting this as frugal.

So, tell me, what frugal things have you been up to this week?

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  1. Dear Fiona,

    You have a great frugal list!

    I find I don't get too many potatoes when I grow them. I do enjoy the fresh taste of them though. Often I have tiny ones like yours and either eat them or put them in the ground to make more potatoes :)

    It is a great idea to make your own icing sugar. I tried it once but was unsuccessful obviously I used the wrong equipment. I don't have a thermie but I do have a nutri bullet so might try it in there instead. I think it should work, cant believe I hadn't thought of using that before!

    I freeze leftover tomato paste, but not in iceblock form. I might do it your way next time, as this makes more sense to have it measured ready to go.

    My frugal tasks for the week were;

    *I have been out in the garden getting things organised. I have planted some seedlings and now just waiting for them to grow. I have in capsicums, two types cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, silver beet, spring onions, chives, strawberries.
    *Cooked all meals from scratch.
    *Washed laundry in cold water.
    *Hung washing in the nice sunlight.
    *I was gifted a Bissel carpet cleaner that was only used a couple of times. I am so happy about this as I was about to purchase one of these. I need to clean my cream carpet regularly. Now I can do it myself and save more money :)
    *I was also gifted a serving tray, teatowels and chocolates.
    *Picked and drying quandongs in solar dryer hubby made.
    *Drying some lavender in solar dryer.
    *Made some Greek yoghurt twice this week.
    *Picked up fruit bread on special.
    *Cleaned the bathrooms using homemade cleaner.
    *Picking mandarins and oranges from our trees. These are used for juice in the mornings.
    *Made homemade pizzas tonight.

    Wishing you a great frugal week!


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