This weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to the most loved day of the week, Friday, or as Dave Hughes the comedian calls it, Friyay! For most people it means the weekend is almost here, and I, like everyone else, are making big plans to make the most of time away from work. This weekend I want to remove the old, spent potting mix from our veggie pod, put new potting mix in and replant it with some vegetable seedlings as well re-planting some existing herbs. I have a really healthy Parsley plant and numerous Perennial Coriander plants that have gone a bit nuts. I will pot on some of the smaller ones to give away, they are very hardy and really prolific. I do invest in the best potting mix I can afford as it makes a huge difference to the quality and quantity of the plants you can grow, so I see this as money well spent. The old potting mix will not be wasted, I will spread it on the front lawn to top dress it. This is the only bit of lawn we have, so it is easy to take care of.

So, this weeks 5 frugal things on a Friday are-

1. Made a big pot of pumpkin soup using the last of the homemade chicken stock. This gorgeous soup did us for two meals, providing 11 very generous servings. I served some Parmesan Sourdough toast with the soup on both nights

2. Made a batch of homemade deodorant ("recipe" coming soon) I just love it, it is made from completely natural ingredients, works exceptionally well and cost very little to make (and is plastic free)

3. Made another version (number 3 to be exact) of a homemade shower cleaner, I think I am on a winner here. My last one was very good at cleaning both the glass and the tiles, however had one downfall and that was that it went hard after the first use, you could still use it by watering it down a little and giving it a good shake but it was still a fail in my eyes. This one is very similar with one ingredients taken out. I will post the "recipe" soon

4. Walked my Mother in laws dogs every evening. I think of this, as a frugal pursuit, as it costs nothing and the exercise and fresh air does me and the dogs the world of good. On this evening I was rewarded with the most amazing sunset. Look at those colours!

5. Packed my lunch everyday. I know this is a regular occurrence here on the "5 frugal things on a Friday" post but it is something that really resonates with me and is pivotal to my frugal life. I see packing a lunch for yourself as the perfect starting point for being more mindful of how you spend money. Spending a little money each day, on a bought lunch, does amount up at the end of the week, month, year ect. If you want to start spending less money, start packing a lunch. 

So, tell me, what have you been up to on the frugal front?

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  1. Have just spent all morning writing up my daily spend diary which covers absolutely everything from groceries, petrol, all bills and all other outgoings. Have been doing this for some time and it's lifechanging - I can see at a glance my cumulative totals for each week for each category. So this week have made all meals from the pantry and freezer as last fortnight went over the food budget due to a birthday celebration. Also taken drinks and lunch/snack from home when out this week to medical tests/appointments - thankfully avoided those impulse coffees/takeaway drinks etc which all add up. I'm enjoying your recipes very much. You've inspired me to get out the breadmaker this week - we've had lovely fresh rolls and cinnamon scrolls every few days. Thanks for all the great ideas!


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