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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 28 October 2016
Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to Friday! How has your week been? Busy? Quiet? In between? How ever your week has been, I hope you had a good one, with some time to yourself and time to enjoy being with your family. It is hard sometimes to strike a good balance isn't? I know, with me, while I try to live a simple, quiet life, real life/fake life seems to seep into it. Is anyone else feeling the stress or pressure of this other unwanted life in your own?

I try and keep fake life from coming through my front door by limiting junk mail (I only read the grocery catalogues) and not watching TV. I know to some it sounds dreadfully boring but it is how I choose to achieve my goal of a more simple life. I would rather spend an hour getting my house in order or cooking dinner than spending an hour in a shopping centre/mall. In fact, shopping centres over whelm me, there is just too much to look at and so much "stuff" that to me seems useless and so not in context with my life. Of course I still have to go shopping sometimes, but it is with intention and a list and I will spend as little time as possible within the walls of those shopping centres as I possibly can.

As a way of trying to live a simple frugal life I write down what I feel have been my frugal achievements for the week, so this is my 5 frugal things this week.

1. Caught the warm up water from the shower, in buckets, to water the potted figs and the agave out the front. We have had these figs for 20 years and have potted them on to bigger pots about 3 times. I love them and apart from dropping some leaves sometimes are super easy to take care of.

2. Started making a birthday gift for a friend from fabric I already had in my stash. I am making a cutlery wrap and I have sourced some lovely, fine cutlery from an op shop. I am following a pattern from "The Rogue Ginger" blog and the idea is to always have this little cutlery wrap in your bag, so you never have to use plastic cutlery. It's a great little idea that not only looks great, it saves the environment from more plastic and is totally portable. I will post about it when it is finished

3. I planned a menu and bought the food I will need to host my daughters birthday lunch at home. It not only saves money but we all get to spend as much time as we like with each other without being "moved on"like you do when out in a restaurant. I am also making her "Birthday Cake" in the form of some iced cupcakes, which we will serve for dessert with ice-cream and vanilla whipped cream. The photos below are from my daughters birthday, last year. The cake was coconut and white chocolate with a white chocolate ganache and toasted coconut flakes.

4. Line dried all the washing, we have had no rain, which is great for the washing but not for the garden

5. Blitzed the worm food for the worm farm, I find by blitzing the fruit and veggie scraps first it takes less time for the worms to break down the food waste and convert it into liquid gold

So, what have been your frugal or free things this week?


  1. Hi Fiona, I have had another busy week - more busy than productive IMO. Yes I do sometimes get caught up in the fake stuff too - I bought a magazine yesterday only because it had a cooking pan attached to it. I may never use that pan, but at the time I felt I didn't want to miss out on getting one. Frugal things going on in our household this week: - composting scraps, making bread in the bread-maker, no take aways or eating out, clothes line dried.

  2. I feel exactly the same way about shops/shopping as you do. Get in get what I need, and get out!

    I love the idea of a cutlery wrap, it would be great to make one for the family for picnics etc, I'm so inspired by your sewing. I'm having a go at a quilted tote bag that you posted about a couple of weeks ago, I don't have much time for it, but every so often I will cut a couple of squares for it. I will get there one day!