An Update on the Vanilla Essence

Hello Dear Reader,

About two months ago I started this little experiment, to see if I could make my own Vanilla Essence. I do use a lot of vanilla and it is expensive to buy, I thought if the end result was just as good, I would continue making it. I bought the cheapest vodka I could find and sourced the vanilla pods from here.

The freshly immersed vanilla pods 

After 2 months marinating in booze, golden bottles of gorgeous vanilla essence

I am sold! The end result is brilliant, just as I had hoped for. I did use four vanilla pods to 250 mls of vodka, to make sure I got a good result and I will go ahead and split the vanilla pods and re-immerse them for the extra oomph from the tiny vanilla seeds. In total it cost $10.00 per bottle, that equates to 40 cents per 10 ml, what a great saving!

100 ml = 70c per 10 ml

50 ml = 82 cents per 10 ml

What do you think? Have you or would you make your own vanilla essence? 


  1. When we were in New Caledonia recently I had hoped to visit a local vanilla plantation and buy some beans to use at home but didn't get the time to go. The store bought essence seems to be darker in colour, would you say they have the same strength/flavour? Also do you think you could leave the pod in the bottle indefinitely or should you take it out?

  2. Wow that is great savings, thanks for keeping us updated. Guida


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