Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next

Hello Dear Reader,

Sorry for not being able to post for the last few days, Blogger decided to change its format while I was away camping and the old laptop I was using didn't like the change. I am not very tech savvy and am yet to work out how to blog from my phone, I can't seem to import the photos from my phone onto the blog post. Never mind, I am back into the swing of it now that I am home.

I love camping, I love everything about it, from sleeping in a tent to eating "camp" style food and having a 2 minute $1.00 shower in the amenities block. The water at the amenities block is bore water and it leaves your hair so super soft. There is no where else, that I relax as much as I do, as when we camp. This past week we have been camping at Noosa North Shore Camping Grounds. It is right on the beach, but in a bushland setting. It takes us about 1 1/2 hours to drive there and approximately 2 hours to set up our camp.

We don't rough it, I am passed that, I need comfort and practicality when we camp. We have a fantastic tent which almost erects itself and it sits underneath a very large gazebo, we then run walls, as needed, around it, which attach to the gazebo giving us all weather protection. I have to admit that putting up this huge gazebo takes us the most time and energy. But once it's up, it is wonderful. It keeps the tent nice and cool and gives us plenty of "kitchen" and "lounge" area. We don't spend a lot of time there really, as we are on the beach all day looking for fish.

We have a good vehicle for driving on the beach and lovely hubby has got the packing down to a fine art, everything fits beautifully in the back of his Nissan Patrol.  I always say it's like a big game of tetras.

He has a very good vehicle but he also has 30 years experience of driving on the beach, it can be treacherous if you don't know what you are doing. There have been many a time when he has saved a bogged 4WD by snatching it out, it is sometimes bad luck on behalf of the other driver/vehicle, but unfortunately some people think that once you have a 4WD, you can drive anywhere and in any condition! That is certainly not the case.

 When we were fishing on the Rainbow Beach side on Wednesday, we saw a ute, drive straight into the water, trying to drive across what appeared to be shallow water. That was most definitely not the case and the vehicle sunk. Everyone in the ute was okay and there was absolutely no way anyone would jeopardise their own vehicle to save another one in so much water. We went back over to that side on Friday and there was no sign of it, lovely hubby said the sand would have just sucked it up! I have no photos of this event as I was too dumb struck to reach for the camera.

My favourite thing to do, in the world, is walk on the beach, especially this beach, I love its squeaky white sand and blue water and the constant roaring of the waves. Over the years I have collected the most amazing shells from this beach, but the last 2 times we have been I have only found a few keepers. I keep saying that one day Mother Nature will come knocking on my door asking for all her shells back. I have always been obsessed with perfect shells and have collected them from when I was very young. The photo below is of one such haul of perfect shells, collected over one week in November 2012. I have them displayed throughout the house.

Now, on to another, not so nice, topic. Rubbish! namely plastic and glass. I know in my heart that rubbish has always been a part of this beautiful beach, and I have always seen it there on this beach, but it never really bothered me, before. The scourge of the plastic water bottle epidemic and the use of plastic in our lives is so evident in the debris that is washed up or thrown out along this glorious beach. As there were no shells to be found, I, instead, picked up rubbish, over the week I filled two bags of plastic rubbish and countless glass bottles of all sizes and shapes. This pollution fills me with dread for the future of our oceans and beaches. Not to mention the tiny pieces of plastic now being found in the gut of fish and sea birds.

I know what I did, over the week, to clean up the plastic and glass from this beach, in the end, means nothing. You could clean up and collect bags of rubbish every day/week/month/year but until we, as keepers of this earth, stop littering there will always be this scourge that is diminishing the natural beauty of this beach. We had a local identity years ago who was a fishing/boating and weather reporter, he always finished his segment with this quote "Don't destroy what you came to enjoy" I find this quote so very true. 

There is so much wildlife in this National Park and it is so lovely to see them thriving in this protected environment. Over the week we saw many Kangaroos, Rainbow Lorikeets, Black Cockatoos, Galahs, Pipi Birds and Sand Pipers 

I will end this post with a photo of a mystery creature. I saw what I thought was another small blue bottle and as it was the brightest blue, it must have caught my eye. It is very small, about 2 cm wide by 3 cm long. It was such an unusual "thing". I thought it, what ever "it" was, was dead. As I held it in my palm, upside down, I could see its little heart beating and then lifted its head and then turned itself over! I was amazed. Its body was very soft and the brightest shades of blue I had ever seen. Does anyone reading know what this could have been? It is really quite beautiful, sorry it's not a very clear photo, but you can see it has a body, head and I guess what are "flippers/tentacles" and a tail. 

So, tell me, what is your "Beautiful one day and Perfect the next" place?


  1. Our family loves camping too. We have a camper trailer, and are seasoned travellers and campers.
    I have never seen anything like that blue creature, it will be interesting to find out what it is.
    How good is that photo of the black cockatoo!
    Our world has to get serious real soon about our plastic consumption, I truely believe it's killing us. We've gone to far to be rid of it completely, but there is so much single use plastic that could be ditched.
    Your weekend away sounds amazing, and well deserved!
    Did you catch any fish?

    1. Hi Cheryl, lovely Hubby ended up catching 16 whiting, 2 bream and 1 enormous flathead ( which he let go as it was a big breeding female) We ate the Bream up there in a Thai Coconut sauce and there is enough whiting for 2 meals for us. Not a lot of fish but still beautiful.

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Just saw this article in the Gympie Times online and thought of your picture of the mysterious sea creature.

    Hope the link works for you.

  3. Hi, oh my goodness, that is exactly it! We saw it last Friday on the beach on Double Island side, not far from the township on Teewah. How absolutely amazing, I am so glad I didn't get stung, I was very wary of handling it because of its colour. Bright colour usually means poison. I was born in Gympie! How funny it was in the Gympie Times! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this info, it really was the most odd creature. Now we all know what it was.


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