Bentonite clay for tummy troubles

Hello Dear Reader,

This amazing little product is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I love products that do double or triple duty and this fine clay is one of them. I have done quite a bit of reading about this amazingly versatile product and have so far used it to make toothpaste and an anti-perspirant.

When my son came home from a weekend fishing trip with occasional diarrhoea, I remembered reading how wonderful Bentonite clay is for tummy troubles. After consuming 2 cups of this clay mixed into water, he was good as gold. You can read about why and how it works here.

I find I am reaching for a natural alternative more often if we are unwell and will avoid taking pharmaceutical medicines if I can. This Bentonite clay can be used for so much and is a super handy product to have on hand. I source the clay from Australian Healing Clay and find the price and customer service very good.

As always, what is right for me, may not be right for you, I am simply writing about stuff that works for me and my family. Please read all the information you can before using any natural product, because even though they are a natural product, so is arsenic! Just because a product is "natural" it doesn't mean they are safe for us to ingest. Just saying, thats all.

So, tell me, what "natural" product do you use, that you swear by?

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  1. Greetings, Fiona! My favorite natural healer is Goldenseal. I take it as you would an antibiotic; it has never failed me. I recommend it to everyone I know. As it is, I've given away my last bottle and need to buy another one. My ear has been bothering me today. If it doesn't
    Clear up on its own, I'll be taking Goldenseal for it.
    I see where you have a post on sourdough: my nemesis. I'm on my way over there to check it out. Have a fabulous night!


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