How to make a cutlery wrap

Hello Dear Reader,

I saw this idea over at "The Rogue Ginger" blog and thought, what a fabulous idea. I know that I take cutlery to work everyday and wouldn't it be nice to have a super cute and practical wrap to carry it in. I also know that most work places have about a dozen wonky forks in their staff kitchenette, if you're lucky! I have a dear friend, at work, who is turned fifty last week and he brings his lunch to work everyday, without fail. He is like minded in the saving money department and wouldn't dream of wasting money by buying lunch. Any way he is quite often without a fork, knife or spoon to eat his lunch, enter this great little cutlery wrap.

I had the material already in my stash, the only material I bought was some sturdy canvas like fabric for the inner of the wrap to make it more sturdy. I paid a whole $2.00 for a meter of this fabric and it was about 180 cm wide, what a bargain! You could omit this panel of material if you wish, but I think it makes the wrap sturdier and it will last longer.

Cut three 20"x 10" panels of your chosen fabric. Cut 1 x 20"ribbon or cord for the tie 

Pin the ribbon, in half, to the left side of the front panel (right side up) at the 10" mark, measured up from the bottom of the fabric 

Layer your three pieces of fabric together in this order
1. Front cover, right side up
2. Backing fabric, right side to the front cover
3. Inner panel, right side to the backing panel 

Pin three layers together on three sides as shown, making sure the ribbon end isn't caught on the opposite side 

Sew around the three sides 

And snip the two sewn corners 

Turn right side out and iron, making sure the corners are turned all the way out, I use a chopstick to poke the corners out, nice and pointy 

Turn in the raw/un-sewn edge by 1/4 " 

And iron flat 

Pin un-sewn edge together, turn up bottom edge by 4 " and lay out cutlery and napkin along bottom edge 

Using pins, mark out channels where the cutlery and napkin will sit. Pin sides 

Sew up top, sides and cutlery and napkin channels 

Fold top down 

And roll up toward the ribbon, tie off
Voila! One Cutlery Wrap

So, tell me, what is your workplace kitchen like? Is it well stocked with eating implements? Or is it like ours, with a dozen dodgy forks and thats about it. 


  1. Thank you so much for this pattern, I really love this idea!
    I was thinking of making a set of 5 for our family to leave permanently in the car, for those times when you find yourself picking up something for lunch, this way we won't need to use the plastic cutlery, every little bit helps. So handy!
    It would make a great gift too.

  2. What an excellent idea. Next time I travel overseas I plan to bring some cutlery along for picnic type meals, this would be perfect.

  3. Thanks for the details of cutlery wrap, brilliant idea, I sure will be making some.
    Love it.


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