My Plastic Replacement for November

Hello Dear Reader,

I am going to count this plastic replacement for this month even though we have had these items for about 2 years. We used them while we were away camping this past week at Noosa North Shore. They are an alternative to plastic plates, bowls and cups. I found them at Anaconda and I remember them being on a very good special at the time.

The brand is Eco-Soul Life and are designed to be robust, lightweight as well as bio-degradable. EcoSoulLife products are a range of sustainable tableware that tries to reduce our over-reliance on plastic products. They are made from natural materials and without the toxic by-products of traditional camping plates or single use plastic plates. Because they are made from natural materials they will decompose when buried or composted.

My quest to reduce or remove single use plastics in my life continues and after seeing all the plastic debris washed up on my beloved beach, it has given me more inspiration to keep it up.

I started this quest when I read about Plastic Free July, from "The Rogue Ginger" Blog and also on "Our Permaculture Life" blog. Food for thought.

Did you know that takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable? Just another scourge that is littering the world, next time you are out for coffee, bring your own mug and start a revolution. 

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  1. When we go to our coastline, it is disgusting the amount of plastic crap washed up - certainly all from ships passing. No wonder our sea and bird life are threatened. You are doing a good job!

    Cheers - Joolz xx


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